Alaska Book List

You'll enjoy your travel in Alaska more if you know something about where you are going and what to expect. Be prepared. These are our favorite guidebooks for the state.




Traveler's Guide to Alaskan Camping - Mike and Terri Church

This is our book. Click on the book graphic for more information.




The Milepost 2014

It seems like everyone headed for Alaska buys the Milepost. It's been around for over 50 years now. We have one too but we don't rely on it for objective campground information. It's sometimes hard to tell what is editorial info and what is advertising.





Lonely Planet's Alaska - Jim Dufresne

Lots of good basic information about Alaska written in the well-known Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit style.





Moon Alaska - Don Pitcher

The Moon Travel Publications version of the book above.



Alaska Atlas and Gazetteer - DeLorme

When you are in Alaska you need a map to see what is on the other side of that mountain range over there. Probably more mountains, or maybe some muskeg. This is handy for locating those fishing streams you'll  hear people mention. It covers the whole state. It's not a road map, it's a collection of topographical maps. In Alaska it's easy to keep track of the roads but not the villages, rivers, lakes, and mountains.



55 Ways to the Wilderness of Southcentral Alaska - Helen Nienhueser,  John Wolfe

The granddaddy of Alaska hiking guides, and still the best for the part of the state it covers: Anchorage, the Mat Valley, and the Kenai Peninsula.




Hiking Alaska - Dean Littlepage

The hiking guide for the rest of the state, at least the part you can reach on a road or by ferry.





Fishing Alaska - Evan and Margaret Swensen

Alaska has lots of fish but you need to know how to catch them. This book has information about the fish, fishing techniques, and where (and when) to go for the most productive fishing.




Dead North - Sue Henry

This mystery novel by Alaskan author Sue Henry is just the thing to read on an RV trip up the Alaska Highway. You can follow the heroine as she drives her Winnebago north, and even stay in some of the same campgrounds.





Alaska's Inside Passage Traveler - Ellen Searby and Henry Jori

If you are going to travel by Alaska state ferry this is the guide you need.











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