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Camping Mexico's Baja

Fifth Edition

Book Additions and Corrections

Editors Note: We receive much of this information from others by mail, email, or in person. We haven't confirmed most of it ourselves. In order to conserve space and increase the usability of the information we receive it is often necessary to rephrase or paraphrase the messages. We like to add the names of the sources of the information we receive, if you don't want your name mentioned be sure to tell us in any email you send.

Villa de San Miguel, Rosarito to Ensenada - Page 63

November 11, 2014 Update - It was $12 per night to camp at the beach. Stayed two nights. Never saw a shower there – but perhaps it was outside. It rained while we were there. - Information courtesy reader M.E.A.

Campo Playa RV Park, Ensenada- Page 67

Nobember 11, 2014 Update - This place was very trashy with toilets that were unclean and hadn't been flushed for awhile.... The hot water heater was broken when we pulled in and they offered a cheaper price because of that, which we declined. You do mention the on-again, off-again conditions this place has. Guess we were there during the off-again phase.... - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.

Centro Recretivo Mi Refugio, Ensenada - Page 70

November 11, 3024 Update - We stayed here about 5 nights total. The sign to the property says Rancho Mi Refugio. Very friendly owners in the “castle”. Correction: they have two sets of bathrooms, however, the lower set is totally inoperable and shut down. No water, toilets haven't been flushed in awhile, electricity doesn't work. The lower camping section had spaces for 6-8 sites, not 20 that I could see. Our impressions were that the owners have not put any money into this place for quite some time, as the rocks dividing the spaces were misaligned, the palapas provided for shade down in the camping area were falling over, and the electricity shut off (wiring and lights there, but no electricity.) We stayed at the upper section one night and the electricity and bathrooms were all fine. The bathroom tho – the women's sink had no water coming out - you had to go into the next door shower area in order to get a sink with running water. And you had to provide your own TP. In order to re-charge my laptop and camera, I had to plug them in outside on the “castle” outlets – except for the night we stayed in the upper section. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.

Motel Sinahi RV Park, El Rosario - Page 98

November 11, 2014 Update - We got a room here two nights – two different rooms for the same price. The BEST room is the one right next to the office – it is much larger and cleaner than any other room on the property for the same price. You can get internet from this room and maybe one other that is close to the office. Otherwise, you must go into the office and sit there. The restaurant on the premises was mediocre. Mama Espinosas is MUCH better. Rooms were 250pesos. We only saw one camper there both nights. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.

La Espinita Motel and Restaurant, Guerrero Negro - Page 114

November 11, 2014 - The office closes at 4:30pm, tho there is a small store where we found a person to rent us the room for the evening. Motel rooms were 300 pesos per night. The sound-proofing was minimal and we could here our neighbors next door. It might be helpful to mention that most fruits and vegetables can not be transported between North and South Baja, altho we weren't asked on the return. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.

Aquamarina RV Park, La Paz - Page 169

February 24, 2013 Update - We've received word that the Aquamarina RV Park in La Paz has been reopened. We couldn't be more pleased to have another campground in La Paz, especially this one. Here's the latest contact information:


Propietario: Maria Luisa Adcock
R.F.C. VALL-321031-LM2
Tel: (612) 122 3761 Web: www.aquamarinarvpark.com


Information courtesy of the owners.


The following write-up is adapted from the previous edition of this book:


This is a well-kept park with flowering plants and lots of shade. There are 19 back-in slots, all have 50 and 30-amp outlets, sewer, water, a patio and shade. Rigs over 35 feet will find this campground a little cramped. In the center of the park is a swimming pool and covered patio. Restrooms are well maintained and clean, they have hot water showers. There is a coin-operated laundry in the office building. English is spoken and reservations are recommended. This is the La Paz campground most likely to fill up with individual rigs, it’s too small for caravans.

The campground is located at the ocean end of Av. Nayarit, which is paved street off Absolo as it comes into La Paz. If you zero your odometer at the dove statue (some people see a whale’s tail instead) Nayarit goes to the left at 2.5 miles (4 km). There is a small trailer pictogram sign marking the street and a four-story building with balconies on the right opposite the turn. Follow Nayarit to the end, about 0.4 mile (0.6 km), the campground gate is on the right about 50 yards from the end. If it’s not open just park and walk around the end of the fence at the water end to the office.


Playa Miramar, La Ventana - Page 173


November 11, 2014 Update - This is the area you need to re-write. We went up and down the main road looking for and asking for “Playas Miramar” and noone knew this name. Your description fits the place everyone calls, “The Campground”. We were there at the middle of March, and by then, many of the windsurfers had left. There was ample room and prices were soft for camping. We first camped at the arroyo next to The Campground, which has minimal shade. We needed shade, so moved over to The Campground. At that time, because of the number of people leaving, we paid the same price for a far superior product - $100-150pesos per night. The $150 pesos was charged to those that had a space on the front row; it was cheaper as you camped further away from the water. I say far superior because the arroyo had two toilets and two cold showers only that were connected to a now vacant restaurant; The Campground had mirrors, sinks, toilets and hot showers in an upgraded facility. It is also much closer to the restaurants and kite-boarding school. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.


Playa Norte RV Haven, Los Barriles - Page 189


November 11, 2014 Update - You have the laundry symbol on there, but it is worth mentioning in the text because it is fabulous! Several machines, coin-operated, with clotheslines and tables to sit at for WIFI or else for folding your clothes after. Really liked this place! - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.


Cabo Pulmo Campground, Cabo Pulmo - Page 192


November 11, 2014 Update - There was a place in town that offered public pay toilets and pay showers (had a sign with cost on it), but noone was ever there to man it. We were there about 5 days and never saw someone there. We did some diving, so used a dive shop shower. No one ever collected any fees from us for camping at he Cabo Pulmo Campground either. We were there late March through 4 April. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.


Club Cabo Motel and Camp Resort, Cabo San Lucas- Page 202


November 11, 2014 Update - Stayed one night. Extremely dusty here because they are off a dirt road and many cars go by. The owner quoted one price; his wife quoted another. Bathroom and shower were just okay – hadn't been cleaned in several days. Seemed an imposition to owner for me to use the internet at 7:30pm and I had to go to the side of their house to plug in – where there was no real room to put my laptop or good lighting.. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.


Trailer Park Vagabundos del Mar, Cabo San Lucas - Page 205


November 11, 2014 Update - We tried to go here first before Club Cabo – and the auto dealership HAD taken over the available overnight camping area. The person running the campground found us one spot where we could have camped, if desired, but he wanted $35 to park and sleep in our van – so we left. This place is mainly for permanent residents.. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.



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