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Camping Mexico's Baja

Fifth Edition

Book Additions and Corrections

Editors Note: We receive much of this information from others by mail, email, or in person. We haven't confirmed most of it ourselves. In order to conserve space and increase the usability of the information we receive it is often necessary to rephrase or paraphrase the messages. We like to add the names of the sources of the information we receive, if you don't want your name mentioned be sure to tell us in any email you send.

Aquamarina RV Park, La Paz - Page 169

February 24, 1013 Update - We've received word that the Aquamarina RV Park in La Paz has been reopened. We couldn't be more pleased to have another campground in La Paz, especially this one. Here's the latest contact information:


Propietario: Maria Luisa Adcock
R.F.C. VALL-321031-LM2
Tel: (612) 122 3761 Web: www.aquamarinarvpark.com


Information courtesy of the owners.


The following write-up is adapted from the previous edition of this book:


This is a well-kept park with flowering plants and lots of shade. There are 19 back-in slots, all have 50 and 30-amp outlets, sewer, water, a patio and shade. Rigs over 35 feet will find this campground a little cramped. In the center of the park is a swimming pool and covered patio. Restrooms are well maintained and clean, they have hot water showers. There is a coin-operated laundry in the office building. English is spoken and reservations are recommended. This is the La Paz campground most likely to fill up with individual rigs, it’s too small for caravans.

The campground is located at the ocean end of Av. Nayarit, which is paved street off Absolo as it comes into La Paz. If you zero your odometer at the dove statue (some people see a whale’s tail instead) Nayarit goes to the left at 2.5 miles (4 km). There is a small trailer pictogram sign marking the street and a four-story building with balconies on the right opposite the turn. Follow Nayarit to the end, about 0.4 mile (0.6 km), the campground gate is on the right about 50 yards from the end. If it’s not open just park and walk around the end of the fence at the water end to the office.



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