June 13, 2010


Dempster Highway

It's 455 miles (734 km) up to Inuvik on the Dempster, all of it gravel. It's also 455 miles back down. A great chance to see miles and miles of miles and miles.

We drove the Jeep up, leaving the camper in Dawson City. Tent camping was fine since the weather was great once we crossed the mountains near Dawson.


Dempster Sign

Terri Checks out the Dempster Info Kiosk

New Dempster Info Center

New Dempster Info Centre


The Chef

Mike Ready to Cook Dinner

The bugs were bad at Eagle Plains

Arctic Circle

At the Arctic Circle


McKenzie River Ferry

Mackenzie River Ferry


Inuvik Info Centre

Inuvik Info Centre


Info Centre Displays

Info Centre Displays



Mike Gets Another "Done the Dempster" Certificate


Changing Tire

The Inevitable Tire Change

But just one this trip.


Dempster in August

Dempster in August

We didn't drive it this time in August, but this is what it would have looked like if we had.


Dawson City to Chicken on the Top of the World Hwy

We had a cloudy day with light rain for our crossing of the Top of the World, not ideal conditions. In fact, the rain increased to a steady drizzle after we crossed the Alaska border.

The Canadian portion of the route is in pretty good shape with some paved sections and some gravel. The Alaska section, from the border to Chicken, is poor, and in the rain even worse.

Yukon Ferry

Ferry From Dawson To The Foot Of The Top Of The World Highway

Top of World View

Top of The World Highway View


RV on Top of the World Hwy\

RV on Top of the World Highway


Alaska at Last

Alaska at Last!


Soft Shoulders

Watch Those Soft Shoulders When It Rains!


We made a quick day trip up to Eagle from Chicken to see the changes after the spring flood of 2009. Front street businesses have moved up to the next road, there's no restaurant any more, and the Customs House is damaged but being repaired. On the other hand, the historical tours are still being given and the campground looks good!

Tour Bus

Meeting a Tour Bus on the Taylor Highway


Big Game Sightings For The Week

Black Bear 1
Moose 6
Wolf 1
Dall Sheep 13

More photos have been added to our Wildlife Sightings pages.








Our Current Location








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