June 20, 2010


Drive from Tok to Valdez and Ferry to Cordova

When we visited the ferry reservation office in Tok on Sunday evening we were surprised to find that ferry service to Cordova is reduced this year because of mechanical problems.

The only ferry that would fit our schedule for a visit to Cordova was leaving Valdez at 4 pm on Monday, the next day.

It made for a long day of driving, and then a long ferry ride.

Worthington Glacier

Worthington Glacier

Aboard the Ferry

Aboard the Aurora



Russian Orthodox Domes in Tatitlek

The ferry stops at the village of Tatitlek, but not long enought to get off the boat.


Aurora Arrives in Cordova

Of course, this pictures was taken just before our departure, not our arrival.



We had a rainy visit to Cordova. Fortunately we had a good tent and there were enought pauses in the drizzle for some pictures.

Cordova Street Scene

Cordova Street Scene

Cordova Small Boat Harbor

Cordova Small Boat Harbor

Million Dollar Bridge

Million Dollar Bridge


Child's Glacier

Childs Glacier


Cordova Fashion

Cordova Fashion

It's tough to decide what to wear to school each morning in Cordova.

McCarthy and Kennecott

From Valdez we traveled up into the interior of the Copper Valley to visit Kennecott and McCarthy. Fortunately, the weather was much better than in Cordova and Valdez, and the gravel road from Chitna in to McCarthy was pretty good too. We didn't see any railroad spikes this time, but we did see several RVs including a medium-size fifth wheel.

Chitna Sticker

A Common Question in Alaska


Fish Wheels

Fish Wheels Along The Copper River


Kuskulana Bridge

Kuskulana Bridge


McCarthy Footbridge

McCarthy Footbridge


Kennecott Mine

Kennecott Mine Buildings


Mine and Glaciers

Kennecott Mine Buildings and the Gravel Covered Root and Kennicott Glaciers Beyond


Downtown McCarthy


Big Game Sightings For The Week

Brown Bear 1
Moose 7
Coyote 1
Sea Otters 5
Harbor Seals 4
Dolphins 9

More photos have been added to our Wildlife Sightings pages.








Our Current Location









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