August 1, 2010




We spent a few days in Anchorage before heading north toward Fairbanks. Here's the Ship Creek area just north of downtown.

Ship Creek

Fishing in Anchorage's Ship Creek

Kind of an industrial ambiance.


Ship Creek Catch

Fishing Was Better Than You Might Expect


Ulu Factory

The Popular Ulu Factory is Nearby


Assembling Ulus

Assembling Ulus


Ulu Rack

The Finished Product



Then we overnighted in the Wasilla area.

Lake Lucille

The View Across Lake Lucille


Red-necked Grebes

A Pair of Red-Necked Grebes


Terri Kayaking

Terri In Front Of Sarah Palin's House

Note famous fence extensions at left of house to block book writer's view of yard.


Common Loon

Common Loon


Hatcher Pass Road

We never miss the chance to drive the Hatcher Pass Road when we're in the area.

Hatcher Pass

Road on West Side of Hatcher Pass



Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel Investigates Jeep

Hope he's not chewing on anything.


Hatcher Pass Boondockers

Boondocking Along Willow Creek


Bohemian Waxwings

Bohemian Waxwings




The climbing expeditions were wound down by the time we visited Talkeetna, but there were lots of tourists.

Talkeetna City Strip

Talkeetna City Strip

The perfect airstrip, only Cubs! The flightseeing aircraft use a much larger strip nearby.



Locals Taking It Easy



Ready for Visitors


More Tourists

Great Shopping!









Our Current Location









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