August 15, 2010



Drive to Chena Hot Springs

Chena Hot Springs is north of Fairbanks, an easy drive on paved roads.


Cow Moose

The road to Chena Hotsprings is one of the easiest places in Alaska to see a moose.

Ice Palace

Ice Museum

Inside this refrigerated building is the ice museum and cocktail lounge where you can have a drink in a goblet carved out of ice.

. Pool

Chena Hot Springs Outdoor Pool

Gold Panning Lesson

Gold Panning Lesson

Every responsible Alaskan mother teaches her daughters how to pan for gold.


Steese Highway To Circle City

The drive to Circle City is much longer, and very little of it is paved.

Davidson Ditch

Davidson Ditch

Nope, not the Trans Alaska Pipeline. This is a Davidson Ditch Siphon. No longer in service, the ditch was built to provide water to gold dredges in the Fairbanks area.


12 Mile Summit

Hiking 12-Mile Summit

The highway crosses 12-Mile Summit and Eagle Summit on the way to Central and Circle City.

Eagle Summit

Eagle Summit


Northern Wheateaar

Northern Wheatear At Eagle Summit



Yukon River At Circle City


Northern Hawk Owl

Northern Hawk Owl Just South of Circle City


Savannah Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow At Eagle Summit


Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay



Morning at Camp Before Heading North


Dalton Highway Sign

Dalton Highway Sign

Guess we're not the first one here.



Pipeline Descending Toward The Yukon River


Yukon River Bridge

Yukon River Bridge


Arctic Circle

At the Arctic Circle



Nice Spot to Boondock


Marion Creek

Camping at Marion Creek


Bear Sign

Bear Sign on Hike to Marion Falls


Boondocking 2

Another Boondocker


Atigun Sheep

Dall Sheep At Atigun Pass


Caribou on North Slope


Boondocking 3

Caribou Hunters Camping Near Prudhoe


Arctic Caribou Inn

Arctic Caribou Inn at Prudhoe


Prudhoe Bay Drill Rig

Prudhoe Bay Drill Rig


Prudhoe Equimpent

Equipment Waiting for Winter


Wading in the Arctic Ocean

Wading in the Arctic Ocean


Our Current Location









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