December 12, 2010



Down Mexico's West Coast To Teacapan

It's finally time for Mexico again!

After spending the night at the Desert Diamond Casino, about 50 miles north of Nogales, we crossed at the Mariposa Crossing just west of central Nogales on Dec. 7th. We were traveling with some good friends in their large coach.

As you might expect before Christmas there were quite a few paisanos crossing there too, and it took us about 45 minutes to get through the customs station on the bypass.

Once we reached the checkpoint south of Nogales, however, things were normal. There was plenty of parking room and it took about an hour to get our travel visas and vehicle import stickers.


Getting Auto Import Permits at Banamex

We reached Hermosillo about three in the afternoon and decided to spend the night at the campground there. We were the only travelers in the park, which isn't unusual, but there were three semi-permanent rigs there too.

The next day's passage through Hermosillo on the bypass route was without excitement and we continued south. In Guaymas we used the free route through the city and then continued south. Along the way we noted a new Sam's Club and Walmart near the northern entrance to to town.

In Ciudad Obregon we traveled through the city using the truck route just one block east of the main central avenue.

In Navajoa we used the truck route that is west of town (it begins at Pemex #4143). This road was in pretty good shape with just a few short rought areas. Just before reaching the toll road south of Navajoa we turned right on the road to Huatabampo to take the back (and free) route to the campground at Huatabampito.

When we approached Huatabampo we found the new bypass route finished and easily traveled around town to get to the south side and the road out to Huatabampito.

At the Mirador we were suprised to find lots of company, there were 15 rigs in the park. That's more than we've every found here this time of year. We took advantage of the wide beach for a jog and of the restauarant for a delicious dinner. In fact, the beach was so nice and the restaurant so good that we decided to stay another day and again had a great meal. Our group was the only ones to head out the next day, the others were on a much more relaxed schedule.

Heading for Celestino Gasca we followed the toll road as far as Culiacan and then the free road from there. When we arrived we found all four campgrounds open with 17 rigs scattered between them. Again, that's close to normal for this time of year.

Pool at Villas Tortuga

Pool at Villas Tortugas

The next day we traveled through Mazatlán without stopping after having followed the free road south. Our destination was Villas Onac in Teacapan. With us there were seventeen rigs total in the campground, most seemed to be planning to spend the season.

With the beach out front and coctails in our hands we decided to spend a few days here before continuing south.

Teacapan Sunset

Teacapan Sunset





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