December 19, 2010



Teacapan to San Miguel

After a few days in Teacapán we made the drive up to Villa Corona outside Guadalajara in one day. It really isn't a tough drive if you use the toll roads.

We found Chimulco campground about a quarter full. That's a little bit light for this time of year but not bad.

We love those hot pools at Chimulco!

Welcome to Chimulco

Welcome To Chimulco


Chimulco Campground

Campground Entrance


One of the Pools

One of the Pools



Chimulco is also a great birding destination.

Marsh Wren

Marsh Wren

One more day of driving and than a month in one place. From Chimulco we went in to Guadalajara and followed the ring road around the southeast side of town. Then Mex 80D and Mex 45D to Guanajuato and back roads on to San Miguel.


Back in San Miguel

Back in San Miguel






Our Current Location







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