March 13, 2011


North to Puerto Vallarta

From Melaque we drove north to Puerto Vallarta, a distance of 140 miles (226 km)

Ecocamping Servicios

We had heard that there was a new campground underconstruction inland from La Manzanilla and stopped to take a look. It was easy to find since there was a sign on Mex 15 near the entrance road to La Manzanilla. The place is called Ecocamping Servicios and is in the small village of Los Ingenios. See our Mexico Updates page for more about the park.

Sign on Mex 200


Ecocamping Servicios Entrance

Ecocamping Entrance

To the right around the bull ring for the RV entrance.


Ecocamping Owner

Owner Carlos and Terri


Parking Area

Parking is Under Trees, In A Large Open Area



20 and 30-amp Outlets


Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta we picked Tachos for our campground. We found it about 80% full. Pretty good since this is the first year that the RV dealer from Quebec hasn't reserved a large number of sites.


Sand Art in Puerto Vallarta

Sand Art Along The Puerto Vallarta Waterfront


Church in Puerto Vallarta

The Central Plaza in Puerto Vallarta


Crepes in Puerto Vallarta

Tip: Best Crepes in Puerto Vallarta Come From This Stand Near Tachos


Lo De Marcos

A short drive north of Puerto Vallarta is another world. Little Lo De Marcos is a quiet spot that only RVers seem to know about.

On the Beach in Lo De Marcos

Mike on the Beach in Lo De Marcos


La Parota

Lo De Marcos has a new campground, the La Parrota. There's more about the campground on our Mexico Updates page.


La Parota Entance Sign

Entrance Sign at La Parota


La Parota Beach

Beach at La Parota


Sites at La Parota

Sites at La Parota



Restrooms at La Parota

Restrooms at La Parota


Parked at La Parota

Parked at La Parota




Our Current Location







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