April 3, 2011


San Carlos

From Las Glorias it's one more day of driving up to San Carlos. We stayed at the Totonaka, an old favorite.


Totonaka Entrance

Totonaka Entrance


Totonaka Pool

The New pool at the Totonaka


Parked at Totonaka

Rigs Parked at the Totonaka


Flock of Surfbirds

Flock of Surfbirds

No big deal to you, maybe, but they're a first for us. On a rock across the street from the RV park.


The Border

We crossed at Nogales, an easy day's drive north of San Carlos.


Auto Permits

Waiting in Line To Turn In Vehicle Import Permit


Tourist Permit

Migracion Office

Then we walked the tourist permits to Migración and we were done with Mexico paperwork for another year.


Overland Expo

We arrived back in the Tucson area just in time to attend the Overland Expo. In Mexico we see many of these rigs from Europe traveling south on their way to South America and then on around the globe. It's interesting to see that this type of travel is becoming popular in the U.S.

For more info, there's a website


Rig 1

This One Seems Perfect


Rig 2

But This One's Pretty Nice


Rig 3

We Already Have The Jeep, Maybe This Is The Way To Go


Rig 4

Wouldn't This Be More Comfortable?


Keep it Simple

Seems Like Good Advice ....


Rig 5

The Perfect Outfit!




Our Current Location







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