April 17, 2011


Off To The Northwest!

After two weeks of maintenance, cleaning, and repacking in Arizona it's time to head north. We'll be spending what's left of the Spring, the Summer, and most of the Fall in the Pacific Northwest working on and update of our book Pacific Northwest Camping Destinations.


Chloride, Arizona

Chloride is always a fun stop. We spent our first night on the road here.

More about Chloride.


Welcom to Chloride

Entering Chloride


Claims Office

Claims Office


Post Office

Post Office


Watering Hole

Watering Hole

There was even live music!


RVer from UK

RVer From the United Kingdom

He liked the music so much that he spent the night parked out front. But he called it a Pub!


Moon Over Chloride

Moon Rising Over Chloride


Hoover Dam and the New Bridge

After September 11 it was necessary to be more careful about the security arrangements at Hoover Dam. Traffic passed right over the dam, not very safe. Now there's a brand new bridge, really spectacular, that bypasses the dam entirely. You can walk out on the bridge and get the best view ever of Hoover Dam.

More about Hoover Dam

More about the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge


Bridge Sign

Mike O'Callaghan-pat Tillman Memorial Bridge


The Bridge

The New Bridge


Hoover Dam

Great View of Hoover Dam

Our Current Location







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