April 24, 2011


Eastern Oregon

This week we toured quite a bit of eastern Oregon. Here are some highlights.


Owyhee Canyon and Lake

This 52 mile long lake is remote and very scenic, and so is the canyon leading up to it. There's an Oregon State campground on the shore.

More about Owyhee Reservoir, Owyhee River, and Owyhee Dam.


Owyhee Canyon

Owyhee Canyon


Glory Hole

Down it Goes ....

The unique "Glory Hole" inlet to Owyhee Dam's Spillway. A huge volume of water was flowing through the spillway when we visited.


Owyhee Spillway

An Out it Comes!


Owyhee Lake

A View of Owyhee Lake


Hells Canyon

The Snake River flows through Hells Canyon between Idaho and Oregon. In the middle of the summer it's as hot as it's namesake, but it was much cooler while we were there.

More about Hells Canyon.


Canyon Below Dam

Hells Canyon Below Hells Canyon Dam



Lots of Water Coming Through the Spillway


Lake View

View of the Lake Above The Dam


Snow on Mountains

See That Snow on The Mountains Above?


Canyon Wildlife


John Day Country

John Day is famous for it's fossils. The place is like a piece of the desert Southwest that's been moved to Oregon.

More about John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.


Snow on Mountains

Southwest Shore Campground on Phillips Reservoir

Between Baker and Sumpter as we approach John Day from the east.


John Day Overlook

Entering John Day Country



John Day Fossil Beds


Blue Basin Hike

Hiking In To Blue Basin, Sheep Rock Unit, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument



How's This for a Great Campsite?

Lone Pine BLM Campsite on the John Day River.



Palisades, Clarno Unit, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Beautuful rock, and lots of Swifts and Canyon Wrens!


Canyon Wren

Canyon Wren



Our Current Location







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