May 1 , 2011


Eastern Oregon

This week we're continuing to tour eastern Oregon and on up into eastern Washington.


Joseph, OR and Wallowa Lake

Joseph, known for its bronze foundries and scenic Wallowa Lake were almost empy of visitors this time of year. We're at least a month early judging by the weather.

More about Joseph and Wallowa Lake.


Wallowa Lake

Wallowa Lake

From the north shore. Looks kind of cold, doesn't it? But in July .....



Downtown Joseph


Bronze Sculpture 1

One of Joseph's Famous Bronze Sculptures


Bronze Sculpture 2

And Here's Another


Palouse Falls

Heading west we spent the night at Palouse Falls State Park. No hookups, but a great view.

We found this a great place to see Peregrine Falcons and Black Swifts.

More about Palouse Falls.

Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls


Palouse Canyon

The Canyon Below


Ground Squirrel

Another Falls Viewer


Yakima River Canyon

The canyon is one of the more scenic attractions around Yakima, WA. It also offers great fishing! State Route 821 runs along the river and there are quite a few BLM camping areas, most will take both tents and big RVs.

More about the Yakima River and SR 821.

Yakima River Canyon

The Yakima River and Canyon


Yakima River Drift Boat

Drift Boat on the Yakima



Our Current Location







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