June 17, 2012


Australia Trip and A New Book

We're very excited about our recently hatched plans for a camping trip to Australia. It will be a five-month trip and we'll be traveling in a rented camper van.

Our route will take us from Melbourne west to Perth, up the west coast to Darwin, down to visit Uluru (Ayers Rock), east to Queensland (for great birding), and then down the east coast as far as Tasmania before flying out from Sidney.

We'll be back in the US just before the new year. That's just in time to head south for another great winter in Mexico!

We'll be arriving in Melbourne on July 23, 2012. While in Australia we'll be doing a lot of posting on this blog, so stop by occasionally and take a look. There should also be lots of activity on the Rollinghomes Facebook page. Maybe next year is your year for a trip to Australia!

The Australia Book

Of course five months isn't nearly enough time to research the kind of book we normally write - a book full of campground and destination details like our Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Baja, or Mexico books.

That means that it's time for a new series. Our plans will no doubt evolve a bit, but right now we plan an ebook with lots of information about how to plan a trip, set yourself up with a camping vehicle, and hit the road.

That will just be the start. There will also be plenty of information about destinations, available campgrounds, and the ins and outs of Australian camping travel.

New Baja Book

Meanwhile, we're hard at work on the fifth edition of Traveler's Guide to Camping Mexico's Baja. It will be in stores by October 2012.








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