August 19, 2012


Esperance to Perth



Australia's Southwest

After driving across the Nularbor Plain it was nice to be back in country with actual trees. In fact, as we found when we visited The Valley of the Giands Tree Top Walk, the trees here are a tourist attraction.

The trees here are Tingle Trees and they grow to about 200 feet. This is a big tree in Australia.

Entrance Sign

Entrance Sign


Up It Goes

Up It Goes


Terri in the Treetops

Terri in the Tree Tops


Base of a Tingle Tree

Base of a Tingle Tree


More about Tingle Trees


Cape Leeuwin

The farthest southwest cape in Australia is called Cape Leeuwin. Facing south here you have the Southern Ocean on the left and the Indian Ocean on the right.

Why visit? For the romance of the location? No - we visited because this is the best place for an almost guaranteed sighting of the somewhat rare Rock Parrot!

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse


Rock Parrots

Rock Parrots!


More about Cape Leeuwin.



Perth is the big modern city of Australia's west coast. That was reason enought for us to schedule several days to look around.

Of course, we always like to take an urban hike to see the streets of the cities we visit. We looked at a map and saw that the downtown area was about seven miles away. We could walk downtown and take a bus home for a nice daytrip.

I asked at the front desk at the campground about the best route. The woman there seemed doubtful. I'm not sure if she didn't think it was possible to get from here to there on foot, or if she just had never heard of anyone actually walking it.

In the end she decided that there was a nice riverside trail that would take us all the way in to town.

As it turned out she was right. Unfortunately, there were breaks in the trail and no signs indicating the proper way to go. We must have walked twice as far as we needed to. And we discovered that there was signage, it was just designed for someone heading out to the suburbs from downtown.

Once downtown, of course, we decided that we really wanted to see what the trip would be like if we followed the right route. So we walked home too. My wrist GPS clocked the walk for the day at 21.5 miles.


Perth's Skyline

Perth's Skyline


Terri Walking

Is This Really the Right Way?

More about Perth.


Rig of the Week


Interesting Rig

This isn't really an unusual rig. In Australia campers dream of heading for the Outback. There are thousands of miles of dirt roads, some leading all the way across the continent. It's an Overlander's paradise.


















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