September 9, 2012





Broome Bird Observatory

Our first few days in Broome were actually spent a few miles outside town at Broome Bird Observatory. This paradise for birdwatchers has a campground, several walking tracks, and access to the mudflats and beach nearby. It's also a good place to get to know other Australian birdwatchers.

They have a small no-hookup campground and one of the sites has a bowerbird bower. If you've never heard of a bowerbird and their unusual behaviour take a look at this.

Each day staff at the obervatory travel around the region to record bird number. There's a picture below of one of these guys checking birds at the Broome sewer plant.

Broome Birds Observatory website.


Broome Bird Observatory Campsite


Great Bowerbird bower

Great Bowerbird Bower In Campground


Great Bowerbird

Great Bowerbird



Mud Flats Overlook


Sewer Plant

Checking Birds At the Broome Sewer Plant



Broome is as close as it gets to a city up here in northwestern Australia.

More about Broome.

From the pictures below you'll see that there's a definite tropical ambiance here.


Broome Street Scene

Broome Street Scene


Broome Street Scene

Another Shot of Broome


Cable Beach

Nearby Cable Beach


Rig of the Week


Australian Camper

Pickup Camper

Pickup campers are unusual in Australia. This one (and the few we've seen elswhere) is actually mounted on a flat bed. These flatbeds or similar "trays" are much more common in Australian than the contoured pickup beds we're accustomed to in the U.S.


















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