September 23, 2012



Darwin and Kakadu

Darwin and Kakadu National Park



We've been waiting for Darwin! Four weeks ago, in Exmouth, Terri's camera stopped working. We disassembled it, cleaned it, and lubed it, but no joy.

So the first thing we did in Darwin was go camera shopping. And we lucked out! We found a large discount store with a sale in progress. We were able to buy the camera we wanted for only 25% more than we would have paid in the US. That's a real deal in Australia!

With that business taken care of we took a look around. Darwin isn't large, but like every city we've been to so far in Australia it's an attractive and pleasant place. How do they do it?

More about Darwin.

Darwin water view

Darwin From East Point


Kakadu National Park

As you can see by the lack of pictures above, we didn't spend a lot of time in Darwin. Kakadu beckoned. Kakadu is one of the top wildlife and birding destinations in Australia.

More about Kakadu National Park.


Kakadu Entrance

Entrance to Kakadu National Park


Bug Dope

Essential Birdwatching Tool



Morning at Yellow Water Billabong



A Nice Croc


Azure Kingfisher

Azure Kingfisher


Rock Art

Kakadu Rock Art



Rig of the Week

As we mentioned last week, Australians love tents. Here's a popular tent trailer optimized for the Outback.


Tent Trailer

Set up in a campground. Note that the tent doesn't sit on the ground, it rests on a metal platform that folds out from the trailer. Sleeping accomodations are in the trailer, not the tent.

Tent trailer

Here's the same trailer with the tent packed away in the top section of the clamshell. Here you can see the metal platform that the tent sits on, although it is folded to half size.

Tent trailer

Ready to roll.This is an easy trailer to tow on those corrugated back roads.



















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