October 7, 2012



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Uluru to the Atherton Tablelands


The Long Drive Westward

It's 1,700 miles from Uluru to Atherton via Karumba. The road crosses very empty country, as void of civilization as any we've passed through so far. Roads are sealed, but in some places they have just a one lane paved strip down the middle. You move onto the gravel to pass cars coming at you from the other direction.

We routed ourselves up to Karumba because ther birding is pretty good up there.


Queensland Border

Queensland Border


One Paved Lane

One Paved Lane


Termite Mounds Along The Side of the Road


Rest Area

Queensland Rest Area Campsite


Rainbow Bee-eater

Rainbow Bee-eater at Rest Stop


Pale-headed Rosella

Also Pale-headed Rosella


We routed ourselves up to Karumba because the birding is pretty good up there. It's located on Australia's Gulf of Carpentaria, the only town in Australia that is.

For a good look at the birds here it's necessary to get out on the water. We booked a tour with Ferryman Tours to do this. An added bonus, these folks had a pet Frogmouth sitting in their living room.

More about Karumba.



Kangaroo Just Outside Karumba


Tawny Frogmouth

Tawny Frogmouth



Tour Boat Ready to Go


Saltwater Croc

Saltwater Crocodile on the Beach


Broad-billed Flycatcher

Broad-billed Flycatcher



Most Visitors Come to Karumba For the Fishing



Atherton Tablelands

At the end of the week we finally almost reached the Atherton Tablelands above Cairns. This is one of the prime birdwatching areas in Australia. If you don't like birds, skip next week's blog!


Rig of the Week


Bus Conversion

Bus conversion towing a car at a rest area in western Queensland. Note that the car is on a trailer, we've not seen any cars being flat-towed over here.
















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