October 28 , 2012


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Cairns To Brisbane


Cairnes to Brisbane

It's about 1,050 miles from Carns to Brisbane. We travelled at a much slower pace than when we were in the Outback, and visited some interesting places.

Malanda Falls

We had to make one more trip up into the Atherton Tablelands. This time we used the caravan park at Malanda Falls as our base. Not only is it conveniently located, it's known for its tree kangaroos.

More about Malanda Falls.

More about Tree Kangroos.

Malanda Falls Caravan Park website.


Malanda Falls

Malanda Falls and Swimming Hole


Tree Kangaroo

A Tree Kangaroo? Maybe, But It's Not In A Tree


Amethyst Python

Neither Is This Amethyst Python


Victoria Riflebird

Victoria Riflebird, A Male Juvenile, In A Tree


Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a great little resort area. But for us, it's the destination we've been told is the best place to see the Southern Cassowary.

We looked and looked, but no Cassowary. Finally, we stopped at the visitor center and they gave us a tip.

According to the guy at the counter, if you are looking for the bird you won't see it, but if you don't really care you will.

Not much of a tip.


Cassowary Sign

An Encouraging Sign


2nd Cassowary Sign

Another Encouraging Sign


Scrub Fowl

Is It A Cassowary? Nope, A Scrub Fowl.


Cassowary Statue

Finally, When We Least Expected It, A Cassowary



Townsville reminded us of Cairns, mostly because of its waterfront Strand. It's another pleasant Australian town.

More about Townsville.


Townsville Strand

Townsville's Strand


Townsville River View

Boats Moored On Townsville's Ross River


Cape Hillsborough National Park

The Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort, a caravan park, is known for its many kangaroos and wallabies. When we visited not many were around. We did get to see some kangaroos on the beach, an unusual sight.

Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort website.

Sunrise at Cape Hillsborough

Sunrise at Cape Hillsborough


Roos on the Beach

Kangaroos On The Beach (You Have To Look Close)


Blue Tiger Butterfly

Blue Tiger Butterfly


Cape Hillsborough Seascape

Cape Hillsborough Seascape


Eungella National Park

This national park, a few miles and a steep climb west above the coastal plain, is known as a great place to see a platypus in the wild.

There's a convenient little commercial campground at the top of the climb, and it has power, reasonable prices, and Free WiFi! It's called the Explorers' Haven.

More about Eungella National Park

Explorers' Haven website.


View From The Top

The Road Up, View From The Top





Tin Can Bay

Travelers know Tin Can Bay mostly for one thing. Like Monkey Mia on the west coast, Tin Can Bay has a group of dolphins that visit for brekky every day.

There's another attraction too. Nearby Inskip Point is one of the best places in Australia to see Button Quail.

More about Tin Can Bay.


Waiting for Dolphins

Waiting For Dolphins


Dolphins Arrive

And They Arrive. Right On Schedule


Black-breasted Button-quail

Black-breasted Button-quail


Vaiegated Fairy-wren

Variegated Fairy-wren From Inskip Point


Rig of the Week


Bus Conversion

Another Aussie bus conversion.
















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