September 28 to October 4, 2009


October 4 , 2009 - Seattle, WA Area

After the Snowbird RV Show we came back down south to the Seattle area to say good-bye to our families. Tomorrow we're off for eastern Washington for a quick stop and then on to New Mexico for the FMCA Mountain Madness rally.


We lived in Seattle for several years and still think it's a fun city to visit - in the right season.

We've posted some pictures below.

For places to stay while visiting Seattle see our book Pacific Northwest Camping Destinations.

Ebook Readers

We've recently acquired some ebook readers and we love them. They're a great RVing accessory.

The ones we have are the:

Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition - Black (PRS600BC)

Actually, Terri's is the red one:

Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition - Red ( PRS600RC)  

The other major brand of reader is the:

Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, U.S. & International Wireless, Latest Generation)

We tried them both and liked the Sony better, but that's a personal preference. The Amazon reader allows you do download books over the cell phone network using a built-in connection while the Sony readers require the use of a PC. That wasn't a major selling point for us since both readers will hold several hundred downloaded books. The Sony will handle a wider variety of formats. We don't mind hooking up the reader to a laptop once in a while to download books.

We have been skeptical about readers, we've never enjoyed reading books on a computer screen. However, these are different. We find that the ebook reader is preferable to a paperback. It's easier to hold and allows you to adjust print size so it's easier to see too. You can read in bright sunshine or under a reading light, not any different than a normal book.

For RVers, however, the big advantage is that you can load it up with hundreds of titles. Forget about finding a place to store all of those paperbacks when you head south for Mexico. Almost everything you'll want to read will fit on the ebook reader.

The one exception, of course, is your copy of Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping. We find that the ebook readers don't work will for technical books. It's very difficult to present detailed maps and diagrams on a reader. We've actually tried our books on the ebook readers and we're not impressed. Maybe Sony and Amazon will figure this out sometime soon.













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Seattle Skyline From Alki Point
Seattle Ferry
Pioneer Square
Pioneer Square
Boeing Museum of Flight
Boeing Museum
Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market



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