January 11 to January 17 , 2010



We stayed in the Villa Patzcuaro while visiting Patzcuaro. The campground was in excellent shape. There was good Wi-fi, included in the campground fee, and a new Bodega Aurrera just up the road.


Villa Patzcuaro

Parked at Villa Pátzcuaro


Bodega Aurrera

Pátzcuaro's New Bodega Aurrera


Brick-making at Villa Pátzcuaro

While staying at Villa Pátzcuaro we were fascinated by a quiet manufacturing process taking place just outside our RV door.

Much of Pátzcuaro is constructed of adobe bricks, here's how they're made.


Mixing Mud

Mixing The Mud


Drying Bricks

Bricks Drying in the Sun


Loading Bricks

Loading Bricks

The dump truck use to haul the bricks away is the only mechanized equipment used in the whole process.


Boat Trip to Janitzio

One of the highlights of a visit to Pátzcuaro is a boat trip out to the island of Janitzio.

Janitzio Boats

The Pátzcuaro Docks


Boat Musician

Musician on the Boat to Janitzio


Janitzio Commuter

Janitzio Commuter


Approaching Janitzio

Approaching the Island


Janitzio Street Scene

Janitzio Street Scene

No cars, lots of stairs.


Janitzio Restaurant

Janitzio Restaurant

Most visitors to the island have lunch at one of the dozens of restaurants.


Statue of Morelos

Statue of Morelos

You can climb up into his arm for the view. Just like the Statue of Liberty.


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