January 25 to January 31, 2010


Mezcala Island

A great day trip in the Chapala region is the boat trip to Mezcala Island.

This historical island was an unconcuered fort during the Mexican fight for independence from Spain. Later it was an island penetentary. Today it is being slowly restored

To reach the island you must drive east from the town of Chapala along the north shore of Lake Chapala. It's only 11 miles (18 km) on a paved road to the town of Mezcala where you catch a small boat to the island.

Mezcala from Road

Mezcala Island From the North Shore Road


Town of Mexcala

North Shoreline of Lake Chapala


Boarding The Boat

Boarding The Boat


Town of Mezcala

Town of Mezcala From Offshore


Approaching the Island

Approaching The Island

Picture From Air

Aerial Photo of Mezcala Island



First View of the Ruins






Inside the Newly Restored Fort



Prison Ruins


Hospital Ruins

Hospital Building Under Restoration



Every Prison Has Its Wall Carvings



The Return Boat



Our Captain Gets us Safely Off The Island



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