February 22 to February 28, 2010



This Pueblo Magico is a popular day-trip destionation for folks from Mexico City and Cuernavaca. It's located below rugged cliffs, about 15 miles (25 km) east of Cuernavaca.

Like most Pueblos Magicos Tepoztlán is ready for visitors with a number of good resataurants, interesting shops, a market, and a even some tourist sites.



Ex-Convento Domínico de la Natividad



Plateresque Entry to the Monastery's Church



Cloister of the Monastery


Seed Mural

Arch Decorated With Seed Mural

The women are beginning a town-wide clean-up after a weekend fiesta.



The Pirámide de Tepozteco perches on the top of a cliff high above Tepoztlán.

The walk up to the pyramid is very popular. If you don't stop it's about 45 minutes each way - but of course you have to stop. It's a very steep trail with lots of steps!

Pyramid from Town

The Pyramid From The Village


Climbing the Trail

Climbing the Trail


Final Ascent

The Final Ascent



The Pirámide de Tepozteco



Resident Coatimundis Greet Hikers


Our Current Location









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