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Do you wonder if three weeks is long enough to have a good experience camping in Europe? Here's a letter we recently received (June 2001) from a traveler who rented an RV. Incidentally, we're sending him a new book.

Dear Terri & Mike,

I never thought I would be writing to you about our trip to Europe, but here I am doing just that.  In the summer of 1999, I was required to travel to Amsterdam for a three week training class.  We decided to go as a family and extend our trip an additional three weeks and travel through Europe.  Thanks to your book, what a trip it was.

We had rented an RV in Amsterdam and started on our way to Paris camping in the Bois de Boulogne (page 163).  We then moved on to Switzerland and camped in Grindelwald at the Eigernorwand (page 398).  From there we drove to Cingue Terra in Italy and camped at Acqua Dolce in Levanto (page 293).  What an intoxicating place, we would love to return.  Reluctantly, we were off to Rome and stayed at the camping facility on the Tiber River (page 304).  After Three Days in Rome (sounds like a song title) we were off to Florence for a wonderful night at Camping Michelangelo (page 323),  Very reluctantly, now since we were really squeezing our schedule for all it had, we had to move on after only one day to our next destination, that being Salzburg, Austria.  There we stayed at the campsite listed on page 401 and 402.  This brings me to the whole reason I am writing to you now, but first let me finish our trip.  From Austria, we moved on to Germany, to Rothenberg and stayed at the site Campingplatz Tauberromantik (page 233).  From there we moved up the Rhine River and camped at a place not in your book probably for good reason.  Finally, we finished back in Amsterdam at the site listed on page 126, Kampeerterrein Het Amsterdamse Bos.  This was the end of our trip and the beginning of wonderful memories.

Back to why I am writing to you now.  My wife recently went back to school and has decided to write an essay about our trip, but we are missing some important information.  The day we arrived in Salzburg we checked into the campsite you had listed on pages 401 and 402.  It was a wonderful place overlooking the city and all.  The owners were very friendly.  I ended up going to the office and talking to the  owners about how we had found there place and explained to them the book we had used.  They had certainly heard of camping directories, but I think they assumed our was one of those directory type books with the dry hard facts.  I explained that it was a different kind of book, more personal.  I think with the language barrier, they did not quite understand.  I told the owner I would bring my book up later and show him.  When I arrived later with the book and showed him the write up about his place he was very much impressed.  He asked me if he could somehow get a copy of the page for his personal records.  Thinking about it for a second, I realized the only feasible way he could get a copy was if I was to give him mine.  So, without hesitation, I pulled my knife from its sheath and sliced the page from my book.  He was very surprised and quit grateful.  So much so, he went and pulled out an old flyer describing Salzburg and gave it to me.  He said it was one produced many years ago and that he had a few left.  This lead to an offer for drinks all around and the next thing I remember is my wife coming to see what happened to me.  Once she arrived we learned that one of the gentleman at the table had a niece that was a vintner in the area and he had samples from her vines with him.  The next thing I knew, both
my wife and I are sitting around the table enjoying the company of these wonderful people well into the wee hours.  What a great way to see Europe, thanks in great part to your wonderful book!

Now for my request.  I was wondering if you could send us a copy of pages 401 and 402.  We would much appreciate it.  I wish I could fill you in on the wonderful experiences we had in between all of those periods, but I cannot by email.  If you ever want to hear them, let me know.  If you are ever in the Reading , PA area, maybe we can bend your ear over a drink.


Mark Saunders


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