General Travel and RVing Links


Bob and Lynn Difley's Healthy RV Lifestyle Site - If you're a couch potato this is not the site for you.

Joe and Vicki Kieva's RV Knowhow Site - Joe and Vicki are the most popular speakers in the U.S. on RV-related matters, you may know them from their RV Insight column in the Good Sam Club Highways magazine. You'll find lots of RV selection, living, and travel tips on this site.

RV Hometown - If you are thinking of becoming a full-time RVer you'll enjoy this site maintained by Stephanie Bernhagen, author and publisher of  Take Back Your Life, a great guide to all that is involved in making the decision to full-time. - Excellent RVing site maintained by Barb and Ron Hofmeister, authors of the RVing books An Alternative Lifestyle and Movin On.

The RV Times - This great little RV magazine is published in the Vancouver, BC area, it often has interesting articles about RV travel in Canada, Mexico, and the US.

RVers Online - One of the best general sites for RVing information.

The Cybercafe Search Engine - A search engine listing cybercafes and other public internet access points.


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