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Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping

Fourth Edition (Published September 2009)

Book Additions and Corrections

Editors Note: This information is essential for those camping in Mexico. We receive much of this information from others by mail, email, or in person. We haven't confirmed most of it ourselves. In order to conserve space and increase the usability of the information we receive it is often necessary to rephrase or paraphrase the messages. We like to add the names of the sources of the information we receive, if you don't want your name mentioned be sure to tell us in any email you send.


Safety and Security - Page 58

March 9, 2012 Update - Again this year we are aware of two RV-related incidents for RVers traveling in Mexico.

The first, which occurred in January, 2012 was the theft of an RVer's pickup by armed gunmen from Playa Amor RV Park near San Blas. This occurred during the afternoon and was watched by several other RVers in the park who could do nothing to stop the theft as the gunmen were armed and threatening. Our understanding is that one of the theives has been arrested, not the other - and the pickup has not been found.

The second incident occurred in recent days. On the main highway north of Rancho Hermanos Graham in the state of Veraruz a pickup and camper were forced to stop by four gunmen in another vehicle who fired a shot into the cab of the pickup, narrowly missing the driver. The husband was held by the theives. The wife was escorted to several banks where attempts were made to withdraw money from their bank accounts using cash machines. The wife was then taken back to the rig. Computers, cameras and other items were stolen. The couple was threatened with death if they reported the incident. They were then turned loose.

It appears to us that neither of these incidents were related to drug cartels although it's hard to tell. There is definitely an increase in lawlessness in Mexico. Guns seem to be available and police forces hard pressed to catch law breakers. The incidents described above cannot be attributed to reckless behavior by the RVers involved. They were exercising reasonable caution by staying in RV parks and driving well traveled roads. Although hundreds of RVers from north of the border continue to travel in Mexico with no problems, the possibility of a serious incident is definitely there.

January 10, 2011 Update - So far this season we have become aware of two RV-related incidents as RVers have traveled south into Mexico. Both incidents carry lessons for other travelers camping in Mexico.

The first incident involved an RVer traveling alone in a medium-size Class C on Mex 15, the west coast highway which begins at the border at Nogales. He stopped for the night at a Pemex about half-way between Los Mochis and Guasave and parked away from others in the lot. After dark a pair of armed men forced him to open the door of his RV and took his wallet. This RVer has law enforcent experience and was careful to remain calm and not to incite violence. After the theft the RVer moved to a location close to other parked vehicles and there were no further problems that night.

This happened in a busy Pemex along a busy route. To us it is clear that overnighting in Pemexes is not a good idea in these uncertain times. On-site security is not very good and relying on others around you to help isn't a sure thing, particularly when the bad guys have guns.

The second incident happened in the state of Tamaulipas near Mexico's east coast. An RVer in an older pickup with a collapsible camper on the back was stopped by four gunmen with automatic weapons who partially blocked the highway with their own pickup. This happened just north of Nuevo Padillo (about 50 km north of Ciudad Victoria) at a point where Mex 101 splits and eastbound and westbound traffic lanes are not within sight of each other. The gunmen forced the RVer to hand over money and his passport and took the time to seach his vehicle for valuables. One vehicle (a truck) passed while this was happening, he didn't stop. The RV (pickup with small camper) was not stolen. The RVer in this case did the right thing by stopping when flagged and not resisting. Once the gunmen realized that he was not going to resist they kept their guns pointed at the ground and were relatively friendly. Note that this incidend happened at almost exactly the same spot where two RVs were hijacked last fall, see below.

All roads in Tamaulipas are considered dangerous. The U.S. Consulate in Matamoros has issued a warning about highjackings and holdups in Tamaulipas, particularly along Mex 101 between Matamoros and Ciudad Victoria. Here is a link to the warning: http://spanish.matamoros.usconsulate.gov/wmes172011.html

Most RVers traveling to central Mexico and even down the east coast are avoiding what seem to be the most dangerous spots by traveling the toll highway south from the Columbia truck crossing (just west of Laredo) to Monterrey, following the toll bypass around Monterrey to the west, and then catching Mex 57D south near Saltillo. Folks bound for the Yucatán can get back to the coast using seveal routes including the new bypass around northwest Mexico City. This routing keeps them on well-traveled highways and quickly gets them away from the troubled border areas.

May 25, 2010 Update - Reader report related to March 2010 hijacking of two rigs north of Ciudad Victoria:

Both our friends flew to Mexico last week and have recovered their units. Almost two months after the incident, they finally have their RV's back. There was no major vandalism  and none of the appliances have been touched. The thieves probably did not have enough time to do either. Everything that was easily removed is gone, both from inside the RV's and the outside bays. Our friends tell us that their units need a good clean up and they will have to replace all their gear, of course.

They have not received compensation of any kind from the insurance company, either for the loss of content or the expenses incured (hotels, meals, airplane tickets, etc). When travelling in Mexico, we are covered for total loss only so our friends have to pay everything out of their own pocket. Yuk!

They have mentioned in passing that they do not intend tro travel back to Mexico with their RV's, not in the near future anyway.

April 2, 2010 Update -

This season (2009-2010) there has been a steady increase in violence in Mexico. For the first time that we are aware of, on the mainland at least, even RVers have been affected and the thought in everyone's mind is: Should we come back next year?

Although we're not in a position to detail every problem as it occurs, here are the main recent occurances that we are aware of that directly affected RVers:

In early March, 2010, in Mazatlán, armed men tied up the night watchman at an RV park, and
knocked on the door of a rig in the park. When the door was opened from inside the men tried to force their way into the rig, were pushed out by the owner, and shot him in the leg. The men escaped.

Soon after that, also in Mazatlán, a police patrol near another RV park was attacked by gunmen and the police were killed.

Also in March 2010 RVers leaving parks in the early morning in Celestino Gasca, about 60 miles north of Mazatlán, spotted armed men setting up a roadblock. Soon after there was a gun battle, which could be heard by people in the Celestino Gasca RV parks. Rigs that had departed not long after the gun battle saw bodies along the highway. No RVers were stopped or targeted in this incident.

In late March 2010 two Canadian RVers in 5th wheels, travelling together, were stopped at an armed roadblock north of Ciudad Victoria. The RVers were not hurt, but their rigs were stolen. The army found the rigs the next day, much of their contents had been removed and were gone. Six of the hijackers were arrested.

Additionally, see the recurring problem detailed below (Page 352) between San Cristóbal and Palenque.

It is up to each individual RVer to decide whether the level of violence in Mexico makes an RV visit too dangerous. If you do go, it's important to plan your trip to avoid trouble spots. Here are some websites that may help you make your decisions:

http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_970.html - U.S. Department of State - Country Specific Information for Mexico

http://www.voyage.gc.ca/countries_pays/report_rapport-eng.asp?id=184000 - Canadian government Mexico Travel Report

Telephones - Page 59

February 26, 2010 Update - We use AT&T in the US and learned of a plan they offer called "Viva Mexico". For an additional $15/month, we were able extend our service to Mexico. Same minutes and rules except the unlimited nights and weekends is changed to 1000 minutes. The service in Mexico is supplied by Telcel and the coverage has been great. AT&T doesn't seem to advertise this plan but if you search their site it will show up. AT&T stated we could move back to the cheaper nationwide plan at any time. It's been a great addition to have constant phone service while traveling Mexico. - Courtesy of Steve & Tommie Clendening

Vehicle Documentation - Page 70

October 24, 2017 - There is a new issue for RVers heading south into Mexico. Our readers with heavy pickups (and ourselves too) have recently been turned back and not allowed to cross into Mexico. This is happening to those with ¾ and 1 ton pickups (and probably heavier ones too), and also ¾ and 1 ton passenger vans including vans converted to camping use but not identified as RVs or Motorhomes on the registration. It applies to those pickups pulling trailers and fifth wheels, and those loaded with slide-in campers. Also those with no RVing or camping equipment at all. The issue seems to be the size of the pickup. Reports so far include most crossings in Texas. We suspect all crossings in Texas and probably those in New Mexico and perhaps some in Arizona also may be turning these vehicles back, although there are no reports yet on these crossings. Fortunately the crossing at Nogales, where most mainland RVers cross, is allowing these vehicles to cross just as it always has. So are the crossings for Puerto Peñasco and the Baja. Registrations that identify the vehicle as an RV or Motorhome are good, these vehicles are allowed to cross at all crossing although they are still required to obtain the normal 10-year vehicle RV import permit. Of course, if you need a pickup to pull that RV you still have a problem.

We suspect this problem won't last forever, but it is likely to be a problem during the entire winter 2017-18 season. Several people are working on this.

We would appreciate reports from readers who have crossed or tried to cross into mainland Mexico with ¾ ton or 1 ton (or larger) pickups or vans not identified as RVs or Motorhomes on their registration. Information about the reason for this problem and its application are difficult or impossible to obtain, so reports are important.

July 2, 2011 - The Mexican governement has made an important change in the rules for issuing Temporary Import Permits for vehicles traveling to Mexico. Effective June 11, 2011 an actual deposit is required to insure that you will bring the vehicle back out of Mexico. Failure to return across the border and turn in your permit in the time allowed on the permit means you'll lose the money. The deposit is as follows: 2007 and Later - $ 400 USD, 2001 to 2006 - $ 300 USD, 2000 and earlier - $ 200 USD. This deposit is paid when you obtain the permit, either by internet or in person, and can be paid in cash or by credit or debit card. Here's a link to the notice on the Banjercito Website: https://www.banjercito.com.mx/iitv/sitio/html/cte_cst_info2biitv_ing.php

Insurance - Page 73

January 2, 2010 Update - Discover Baja Travel Club, a good source for Mexico insurance, has a new address: 3264 Governor Dr, San Diego, CA 92122. The telephone is unchanged: (800) 727-2252 and (619) 275-4225. - Courtesy of Ortrud and Helmut Wiedemann

Tecate Border Crossing - Page 80

March 31, 2010 Update - Readers tell us that there is no longer a Banjercito at the Tecate crossing. That means that it is no longer possible to procure or turn in your TIP (Temporary Vehicle Permit) there. This is no hardship since they are not required on the Baja itself and there are Banjercitos conveniently located for folks headed to the mainland at both ferry crossings (La Paz and Santa Rosalia) as well as at San Emertario which is just east of Sonoyta on Mex 2.

Nogales Border Crossing - Page 84

December 11, 2009 Update - We recently crossed into Mexico at Nogales. The crossing was quick and efficient with the following changes from prior years.

There is a new stop on the US side before crossing. This is apparently the result of President Obama's recent promise to the Mexican government to attempt to stop the stream of illegal arms into Mexico. Some rigs are probably searched but we were just waved through. Not even any questions.

At the Km 21 station you now pay for your tourist card at the Banjercito. Once you pay you go back to the Migracion office and your tourist card is stamped as paid.

The vehicle permits require a seperate credit card in the name of each person importing a vehicle.

In recent years this station has been relatively lenient about importing motorcycles as an add-on to another vehicle. We have had reports that this is no longer the case with large motorcycles, several people have been turned away unable to bring in large motorcycles except under a seperate set of import papers. The cut-off (size-wise) seems to be flexible. Some say that the only motorcycles that are supposed to be brought in this way are off-road unlicensed ones, in the past we have been told that by the agents at the windows. That certainly has not been a hard and fast policy in recent years.

Road System - Page 106

October 19, 2013 - The new highway from Durango to Mazatlán is reported to be open. This new toll road replaces the old "Devil's Spine" route, and is an engineering marvel. Highlights include the Baluarte Bridge which is 1,124 meters long and 400 meters high, and the El Sinaloense tunnel which is 2,800 meters long. We expect that this new highway will open up the northwest coast to RVers from the eastern U.S. and Canada. No definite word yet on what the toll is, probably lots of pesos. - Informaton courtesy of Mark Dunn

Sonora RV Park, Hermosillo - Page 113

November 26, 2013 Reader Report - Sonora RV Park in Hermosillo has taken down its sign, but still has sites and accepts travelers. (if they can find the turn-in). Look for a bright green banner about landscsaping - Information courtesy Jean and Larry Rusch

El Mirador RV Park, San Carlos - Page 121

March 27, 2011 Update - We drove by the El Mirador RV Park near San Carlos today, March 26, 2011. The gates were locked, no one there, and there is a For Sale sign on the place. - Information courtesy Bev and Vic Whitmore and Paul Beddows

February 8, 2010 Reader Report - This park is open, with better facilities than most. We have been here two weeks, with plenty of water, electricity, and sewer - all working well. There is free wi-fi (strong and steady) that reaches most sites. The laundry has two washers and two dryers that work well. The restaurant has been closed for several years and the hot tub is not working but the pool has clean water, though too chilly for us. The tennis courts are in use almost daily. Sites are roomy with great views. A short walk away are turquoise coves with little-used beaches, and a stroll past the marina takes you to Algodones Beach for miles of walking. Reservations are not needed. - Information courtesy of Ken Harmon and Cathy Haight

El Mirador Restaurant and RV Park, Huatabampito - Page 127

December 10, 2009 Update - We visited this park recently. The facility is in excellent shape. No apparent damage from this summer's hurricanes. The wall built last year next to the beach apparently did its job. The food at the restaurant is still excellent and the WiFi worked well for us.

Celestino Gasca Access Roads, Celestino Gasca, Sinaloa - Page 135

December 16, 2010 - We recently visited the RV parks in Celestino Gasca. We have been recieving some questions about access to the parks after this years summer rains. The access road from the main off-ramp, through town, and then south to the campgrounds is in decent shape. While we were there a 38 foot pusher coach came in and had no problem negotiating the draws north of the Villa Celeste.

Villa Celeste Resort RV Park, Celestino Gasca, Sinaloa - Page 136

December 16, 2010 - We recently visited the park as we traveled down the west coast. Noe and Estela are not currently running the park. They are visiting Canada and not expected back until January. A young man named Chofi is running the park. We were unable go get any answer to emails or telephone calls to the numbers listed in the book, but Chofi gave us his cell number which is 696-108-5699. Wi-Fi in the park is not working but web access is available in the office.

Celestino RV Resort, Celestino Gasca, Sinaloa - Page 137

November 29, 2010 Update - We receltly received the following from the owner of the Celestino RV Park:

A up date on Celestino RV Resort and Celestino Gasca. We are open and keeping our summer rates of 100 Peso a night plus power, and 2000 peso per month plus power through out the winter. Rates do not get better than this. We had the road cleaned through Rosendo Neblas (KM 75) a Detachment a Marines have been in Celestino for 3 months and I hear in La Cruz. so security could not be any better. Suns still shining and the beers are cold in Celestino Gasca.
Thanks Chris

Punta San Miguel RV Park, Celestino Gasca, Sinaloa - Page 137

January 17, 2010 Reader Report- The rate here is 150 pesos per night plus electricity (recently installed meters, ours had a reading of zero!). The power isn't good in spite of having both 30 amp and 50 amp service, the voltage varies from 130 plus to 100 with little power draw to the camper, our 30 amp surge guard shut off power to the camper, a line conditioner helped but there are still variations in voltages and daily power failures. - Information courtesy Al and Suzette McClughan

Villas Tortuga, Celestino Gasca, Sinaloa - Page 138

December 16, 2010 Update - This is the fourth and latest RV park in Celestino Gasca. It is located between the Villa Celeste and the Punta San Miguel RV Park. There are eight back-in sites suitable for large coaches and fifth wheels with full hookups. The daily rate here is 200 pesos, the monthly rate is 4,500 pesos. There's a beautiful pool and a small restaurant which gets good reviews. Contact phone is 667-161-9201 (cell), the website is www.villastortuga.com, email is maruosuna@hotmail.com .

Mazatlán, Sinaloa - Page 141-

March 24, 2011 Update - As we traveled through Mazatlán this week we found that there is construction on Mex 15 in town which changes access routes to the Camerón Circle which is used as a starting point for directions to many campgrounds in our book. The informaton that follows is current for Spring 2011, we suspect this construction will be mostly completed by next season. If you are coming from the north access is the same, no difference at all although you do have to pass though some construction where a new intersection is being built at what we call the North Entrance Junction in the book. However, if you are coming from the south you cannot turn left at the North Entrance Junction. You can continue north and make a 180-degree turn when possible to reverse course and approach from the north, or you can follow the instructions that follow. Coming in to Mazatlán from the south watch for the sign for Mazatlán Centro but don't turn. This intersection is marked by two Pemexes - #1767 on the left and #5432 on the right. Continue straight following signs for Culiacan and Nogales. Zero your odometer. The construction soon starts and traffic is constricted to 2 lanes going your way, then one for a short distance. The construction ends at 1 mile (1.6 km). At 2.2 miles (3.5 km) you'll see a Soriana supermarket on the right, get in the left lane. Turn left at the light at 2.7 mile (4.4 km), just before the turn is an orange sign for Mazatlán Centro. There is a turning lane and a light with a green turn arrow. After the turn proceed just .3 mile (.5 km) to a stop. Turn left here and you are back on the normal route to Camaron Circle. From here drive .8 mile (1.3 km), take the branch to the right, and in another 2 miles (3.2 km) you'll reach Camarón Circle. From there just follow the instructions in the book to the various campgrounds.

March 12, 2011 Update - The Mazatlán Playas exit off the Mex 15 toll road just north of Mazatlán (12 miles or 19 km south of the first toll booth) can now be taken by both north and southbound traffic. There are also north and south-bound entrance ramps at this intersection.

Mar Rosa Trailer Park, Mazatlán - Page 142

December 26, 2009 Update - Management at Mar Rosa has written to inform us that their WiFi service is not included in the site fee, there is an extra charge for its use.

El Rancho RV Lots, South of Mazatlán - Page 148

March 24, 2010 Update - We've been getting inquiries from folks looking for a place to spend the night near Mazatlán. Since access to the parks there is a little confused right now due to road construction here is another possibility. South of Mazatlán, near the entrance to the airport, there is an RV park. It has been there for several years and was originally built to be sold off as RV lots. That never did well and now there are three lots with electrical hookups (water and dump available) available for nightly rental. The raminder of the spaces have been replanted with nopales but room is available for dry camping. There's a swimming pool and a lounge area with a pool table, also hot showers. Price is 100 pesos with no hookups, 150 with 20 and 30-amp power. The GPS location is 23.20630 N, 106.26382 W. The campground in in the village of El Recodo. The village entance is off Mex 15 just south of the Mazatlán airport near kilomter 272. Zero your odometer and drive inland to the village. In 1 mile (1.6 km) turn left on a cobblestone road, there is a sign for El Rancho RV. This is a narrow but divided road, just before the divider ends you'll want to switch in to the oncoming lane to avoids a bad bump where the cobblestones end. You'll reach the gate .1 mile (.2 km) from where you turned onto the cobblestones. Open the gate and enter, the owner or a staff member is usually on site.

ONAC RV Park (Also Known As Villas Onac), Teacapán, Sinaloa - Page 149

August 23, 2014 - Color Marino / Villas ONAC near Teacapan has closed. The manager wrote the bad news to 2 of us after we wrote to confirm our winter RSVPs. He says we will hear officially from Pronovo, but I doubt we'll get that message from them. - Information courtesy Jean Rush

November 26, 2013 Update - This park is now called Color Marino Seaside Hotel. Contact them at ralvirde@colormarino.com - Information courtesy Jean and Larry Rusch

November 9, 2012 Update - The park has been purchased by Pro Nova Desarrollos, a company based in Mazatlan. Apparently they have big plans for the land and facilities with many improvements, perhaps including a restaurant. The RV park will continue to be open and will be improved. The new contact for information and reservations is Jared Ibarra Sanchez at jibarra@pronovadesarrollos.com. - Information courtesy Jean and Larry Rusch, Allan Gray and Donna Hunter, and Paul Beddows

La Tambora, Teacapán, Sinaloa - Page 151

January 15, 2011 Update - La Tambora is closed , the electrical & water connection have been demolished.
The own at the restaurant said trailer park is "no mas". - Information courtesy of Allan Gray and Donna Hunter

Tepic Bypass Via San Blas Area - Page 157

March 17, 2011 Update - We recently drove the route from Las Varas to San Blas. There were four or five 200-ft long sections of rock and dirt that had recently been repaired. Any rig could cross them at a crawl, no clearance problems. No detours.  Some potholes in several sections, some new road. The worst problem is that the forest areas are overhanging the road and need to be trimmed, we had to crowd over the white line to avoid damage to the right side of the rig in many places.  There was a crew doing some trimming, but their progress will be slow.

December 4, 2010 Update - We've been receiving reports that the Tepic bypass routes through San Blas are not passible this fall. Apparently a bridge is out just west of Las Varas and only small rigs (pickups and vans) can get through. That measns southbound travlers must pass follow Mex 15 or Mex 15D up the hill to Tepic and either descend directly on Mex 200 toward Puerto Vallarta or continue on Mex 15D or Mex 15 to the Chapalilla intersection and then use the toll connector to Compostella and Mex 200.

January 17, 2010 Update - There is a new road being constructed that will link Mex 15 to the roadway south of San Blas. It will be the furthest south road linking Mex 15 with the San Blas area. It's being worked on from the "ocean side" at a point at approx km. 9 on the Carretera a Matanchen south of San Blas, just north of El Chaco RV park, quite close to the fishing college that is located in the area. Gravel is being taken from the pit that is inland just south of El Chaco and north of Aticama, there is a contiuous stream of dump trucks running to and from the pit to the new road intersection. I haven't heard of a time frame for completion, but the road looks to be wide and fairly substantial, it should be a great alternative to the two existing routes "down the hill" from Mex 15 in the area. - Information courtesy of Al and Suzette McClughan

Paraiso Miramar RV-Trailer Park, San Blas Area, Nayarit - Page 161

January 14, 2015 Update - We recently received an email from the owner ofs this park which is fomally called Paraiso Miramar Hotel and RV Park. As you might expect, since the book was published the rates have increased. It now falls into the



March 27, 2011 Update - We drove by the El Mirador RV Park near San Carlos today, March 26, 2011. The gates were locked, no one there, and there is a For Sale sign on the place. - Information courtesy Bev and Vic Whitmore and Paul Beddows

"Little Rig" RV Park #1, La Peñita - Page 164

March 21, 2011 Update - We recently visited this park and realized that we didn't do it justice in the book. This is a really comfortable place with parking on grass next to a residence on a fenced lot, the beach out front, a beautiful little swimming pool, and nice clean restrooms with hot showers. The English-speaking owners live on-site so managment is responsive and the place is well run. Only open during the winter season.

Here's a refinement of the directions for finding the campground. You want to turn off Mex 200 about half way between the main entrance to the village of La Peñita (the traffic light on Avenida E. Zapata) and the well-known La PeñitaTrailer Park. The road you turn on to is called Cabo San Lucas but it's poorly marked although the RV park does normally have a sign here. This is the fourth road south of the La Peñita TrailerPark on the hill, it's .25 miles (.4 km) south of the entrance to the La Peñita Trailer Park and is a gravel road. From the light on E. Zapata to the south it's .33 miles (.5 km) and is the 5th street that leaves the highway on the left. Pictures in Blog 110320

January 30, 2010 Update - The owners of this RV park have contacted us to request that the line that reads "small cars and trailers are best" be changed to "campers, Class A and Class C are best". - Information courtesy Carole Francoeur

Heaven's Gate RV Park, La Peñita - Page 164

March 19, 2011 Update - The Heaven's Gate is a new park located right next to the Little Rig RV Park #1. See the write-up in the book for that campground for instructions on how to reach it. There are seven back-in sites with full hookups in this small park on the grounds of a residence. If the park were full it would take rigs to 30 feet but if only partially full it would really take any size rig because parking is on a flat gravel area with nothing to deliniate where or how you park. Outlets are 30-amp. The campground is next to the beach. GPS location is 21.04372 N, 105.24792 W. Contact: 327 274-3409 (Mexico number). Pictures in Blog 110320

Sol Tierra, La Peñita - Page 164

March 24, 2011 Update - This new campground is in the center of the village of La Peñita. It's a modern place, a walled compound with 14 large back-in spaces. These are full-hookup spaces with 50-amp electrical service, water and sewer. There's a solar-heated swimming pool, recreation room, laundry facilities, and Wi-fi. Daily rate is 250 pesos. Website is www.soltierrapark.com. GPS locaton is 21.03738 N, 105.25163 W. The park is six blocks south of the main boulvard in central La Peñita, E. Zapata. Easiest access is from Mex 15 directly on to Franciso Villa. Drive toward the water for 3 and a half blocks, the campground entrance is on the right. Pictures in Blog 110320

New Small RV Park, Los Ayala - Page 165

December 2, 2009 Update - We have received an email from the owner of a new small park in Los Ayala. Los Ayala is located just south of Rincon de Guayabitos. The park has two available RV sites in a fully fenced lot in a residential area, two blocks from the beach. The park is new and landscaping, barbeque area, and gardens are still being developed. There are full hookups (30-amp) and sites will accommodate vehicles up to 36 feet. The park has a full time caretaker, a free washer, toilets and showers. Wi-fi is available nearby and hopefully will be available in the park soon. Price is $350 per month for stays of 4 months or longer, $400 per month otherwise. Contact at 360 628-8557 or Ginnie Porter at ottercove@hotmail.com. For more see the blog at http://tucasalosayalarvpark.blogspot.com/2009/11/tu-casa-los-ayala-rv-park-we-just.htm .

Bungalows San Francisco, Los Ayala- Page 165

March 17, 2011 Update - We visited this park recenlty and were impressed. There are 10 sites to 45 feet. Parking is on gravel and sites have electricity, water and sewer. Electricity is through 20 amp outlets but the breakers are 30 and 40-amps. There's a beautiful swimming pool and hot showers, also Wi-fi at the rigs and a washing machine. This is a nice quiet, clean, well-run place in a small village on the coast just south of Rincon de Guayabitos. The good beach is a block away. Coming in to Los Ayala on the road from Mex 200 just stay on the pavement. When it ends take a right, the campground is on your right a half block down the street. GPS location is 21.02308 N, 105.28780 W. Pictures in Blog 110320

January 16, 2010 Update - A reader reports another new RV park in Los Ayala, just south of Rincon de Guayabitos. It's called Bungalows San Francisco and reportedly has 5 short sites. The manager is Maura Rivera and email contact is bungalowssanfrancisco_losayala@yahoo.com . - Information courtesy Linda and Bruce DesChamps

Los Delfines Restaurant and RV Park, Los Ayala - Page 165

March 18, 2011 Update - This older restaurant on the beach in Los Ayala has four back-in spaces in its parking lot. They will take RVs to 40 feet. There are full hookups with 20-amp power and restrooms with hot showers. Wi-fi can be used from the camping area. The price is 250 pesos per night. Contact info: chatobar@hotmail.com. This is a walled compound with a gate and a employee on-site at all times. GPS location is 21.02588 N, 105.28531 W. Entering Los Ayala on the road from Mex 200 just south of Rinco de Guayabitos take the first right. Drive toward the beach and the campground is at the end of the road.

Savage Trailer Park and Bungalows, Lo de Marcos - Page 171

March 27, 2011 Update - We have stayed at this park for the past 2 winters. WIFI is available free of charge and there is a washing machine available to campers. - Information courtesy Bev and Vic Whitmore

Trailer Park La Parota, Lo de Marcos - Page 173

March 9, 2011 Update - This brand new beach-front campground is a welcome addition to the coast north of Puerto Vallarta. There are 42 large sites, 12 are pull-thrus. There is lots of room to manouver, this park is not at all cramped. Each site has electricity, water, and sewer as well as a cement patio. Wi-fi is included and worked well for us. Brand-new restrooms have hot showers and there are coin-op washers and dryers. The campground now has 20-amp outlets but is wired for 30 and 50-amp and the outlets are being imported from the US. Price this year is 250 pesos, next year will probably be less but with metered electricity. The campground is at the south end of the Lo de Marcos beach, the best swimming area in Lo de Marcos with smaller waves than in the north. To find the campground just follow the road behind the beach to the south, the campground is off the same entrance as the Pequeño Paraiso and the Cruz Maria. GPS Location is 20.95283 N, 105.36008 W. Contact information: telephone 52 327 275-0359, juanmge@hotmail.com . Pictures in Blog 110313

Altarose Ranchgo RV Park, East of Bucerias - Page 179

July 19, 2012 Reader Report- The highway has been paved all the way past this park so the park entrance is on your left now. We stayed there this past December and found that the hookups were to North American standards with good 30 amp electric service, good clean water with plenty of pressure. The park owners Gary & Jean were wonderfull to us and our 2 children. There is also a new restaurant just in front of the campground. - Information courtesy of Rich and Bonnie Dizon


Camping Sol y Mar, South of Cabo Correintes, Jalisco - Page 184

January 8, 2012 Update - We've just received notice of a new campground located near the beach between Puerto Vallarta and Punta Pérula. It's new and small, uses solar power, accessed on a 20 mile (32 km) mostly gravel road, is for smaller RVs and tent campers only. We've been waiting for a campground in this area for quite a while and we're extremely pleased with the news. Lots more info on their website: www.ranchosolymar.com/RanchoSolyMar/Rancho_Sol_y_Mar.html

Tenacatita RV, Tent, and Trailer Park, Tenacatita - Page 188

November 1, 2010 Update - This campground is closed. All of the Tenacatita beach area has been closed and access is very limited, camping is not permitted.

Tenacatita Slabs Beach Camping, Tenacatita - Page 188

November 1, 2010 Update - This campground is closed. All of the Tenacatita beach area has been closed and access is very limited, camping is not permitted.

Ecocamping Servicios - Los Ingenios, near La Manzanilla - Page 191

December 23, 2011 Reader Report - Could you please change the email address to rvcamping@hotmail.com .And, the wi-fi is now working and operational. Also, since they don't have a website, you could include a link to our blog page at http://www.travelwithkevinandruth.com/2011/12/ecocamping-los-ingenios.html for updated information on the campground. - Courtesy Kevin and Ruth Read

March 8, 2011 Update - A new campground has been opened inland from La Manzanilla in the small village of Los Ingenios. From the intersection on Mex 200 where the road goes toward La Manzanilla on the beach, go inland instead. This is a gravel road suitable for any slowly driven rig, and in .7 miles (1.1 km) you will reach the village. Turn right and go one block and then turn left. In another .5 miles (.8 km) you will reach the entrance to the grounds of a bull ring. Roads go left and right around the ring, take the right fork and you'll find the campground gate just beyond the ring. There are eight sites finished and another 11 under construction. Sites will take 40-foot rigs and have 40-amp power, water and sewer. A small restroom has toilets now, showers are planned. There is a palapa bar, an outside barbeque grill, and the young owner is Carlos. Wi-fi is planned but not yet installed. Rate 150 pesos per night or 3,000 a month. GPS location is 19.29863 N, 104.76305 W. Contact information: 315 104-0449, kay-ingenios@hotmail.com.mx . Pictures in Blog 110313


RV Park Cadillac Ranch, San Patricio - Melaque Area - Page 192


November 10, 2012 Update - The owner of Cadillac Ranch has passed away and most reports say that the campground will not be open for the 2012-2013 season. - Information courtesy Paul Beddows`


October 26, 2009 Update - The owner of this park has notified us that it is finished and ready to go. There are 13 sites measuring 28 by 45 feet. These are full hookup sites with 40 amp 110 volt power. The contact phone number is 315 100-1482 in Mexico. Rates are 3,500 pesos per month, 1,000 pesos per week, or 250 pesos per day. Tent campers are allowed. Wi-fi is available. The actual GPS is 19.22172° N, 104.68366° W. - Information courtesy of Don Deines (Owner)


QúeMex RV et Trailer Park, San Patricio - Melaque - Page 192


March 7, 2011 - San Patricio - Melaque has a new large trailer park. It is actually four different lots adjoining each other off a side road about a block from the beach, there are 48 sites in all. These are large sites with 30-amp outlets and full hookups. Wi-fi is provided. Electricity is metered for monthly stays, daily and weekly rates include electricity. A restroom building hot showers and a clothes washer is shared by all four lots. Rate is $600 US per month plus electricity or $30 US daily including electricity, weekly is six days at the daily rate with one day free. The campground is open April through November and the owner lives on-site. The four locations have been built over several years so some sites are a few years old with vegetation that has grown up, the majority are brand new and will require some time for shade to appear. Coming in to Melaque from the north the highway turns toward the ocean and then there is a 90-degree turn where the highway turns east. Instead of turning here continue straight toward the beach. In .2 mile (.3 km) the road will pass under some arches and curve to the right. In another .1 mile (.2 km) take the third right after the arches on Las Palmas, the campground is the two lots on the left at the far end and the two on the right on each side of the new house. GPS location is 19.22478 N, 104.71130 W. The campground is open November through April. Contact Christian Dubreuil, dubreuil1956@hotmail.com, Canadian cell 450 223-4062, Mexican Cell 011 521 315 107-4799.


Motor Home Site Las Palmas - San Patricio-Melaque - Page 192


March 7, 2011 Update - This campground is small fenced lot on the same side street as the QúeMex RV et Trailer Park described above. There is room for 3-5 rigs here depending on size. Full hookups are available. Contact information: Mexico telephone 315 355-5156 or 5546, motorhomelaspalmas@hotmail.es . The campground is on the left a short distance from the corner as you enter the cul-de-sac. Note that the older campground below with a similar name (Las Palmas Trailer Park) is a different place and is closed.


Bungalow's Villamar - San Patricio-Melaque - Page 192


March 6, 2011 Update - The owner of this facility has three fenced lots in the general area of the QúeMex RV and the Motor Home Site Las Palmas. Each lot has 2 to 4 RV sites with full hookups. Contact information: Roberto Ramirez, Hidalgo No. 1, Melaque, San Patricio; Mexico Phone 315 355-5005


Las Palmas Trailer Park - San Patricio - Melaque - Page 193


March 6, 2011 Update - This campground is closed and is for sale.


Rancho Buganvilias, Michoacán Coast - Page 197


September 19, 2009 Update - We have been notified by the owners that this RV park has been closed due to a nearby land title dispute. The owners report that the situation is unstable and that the entire area from La Placita (just to the north of the campground) down to Calita de Campos (2 hours south) may be dangerous so you should not overnight in the area and should consider alternate routes south. They also pointed out that the US embassy says avoid any unnecessary travel to Michoacan until Feb 2010. - Information courtesy of Sandy and Cynthia Coffin (owners).


Zapote Tizupan Centro Ecoturistico, Michoacán Coast - Page 198


February 28, 2011 Update - Very nice to be able to break up that long drive along Hwy 200. They have 11 full service sites, nicely landscaped. Any size rig, if you are towing, you could pull in sideways and not even unhook! Beautiful pool. Great rocky and sandy beach. Very quiet at night, and we loved it. Full hook ups, 200p, no hookups, 100p. - Courtesy of Jane Hogle and Ray Talley (Talley Ho)


Fonatur RV Park and Camping, Ixtapa, Guerrero - Page 200


January 19, 2010 Update - The Fonatur park has put up big signs saying No Mascotas. Technically that means no pets of any kind. - Courtesy of Art and Gillain Jackson


El Manglar, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero - Page 203


January 19, 2010 Update - Somehow has squeezed in another space, suitable for combi or small camper--currently 11 spaces in total. Power very good this year, no low voltage problems. - Courtesy of Art and Gillain Jackson


Lobster House, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero - Page 205


January 19, 2020 - This restaurant, which was expected to become an RV park, did not open this year. - Courtesy of Art and Gillain Jackson


Trancones Campground, Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo area - Page 205


February 11, 2020 Update - We've recieved notice that a small RV park has opened near Trancones, about 20 miles north of Zihuatanejo. Here's the email:


We talked a couple of months past about me having 4 RV spots in Troncones 20 miles north of Zihuatanejo. Well I am ready to go with electric, water and a dump station . We are at the very end of the road
2 miles north of the village of Troncones just before of the fishing village of Mahajua at Casa de los Viajeros. The four sites are 50 yards from the Bay of Mahajua overlooking the bay and the Pacific. Charter pangas are available in Mahajua village plus the lanchas coming in the morning have langosta and huachinago very inexpensive. This is our paradise. The park will be open until mid May. 250 pesos a day with longer stays negotiable. Contact at iacercone@aol.com, phone 011-52-755-103-0081.


Trailer Park Campestre (also Trailer Park Diamante) - Near Cuernavaca, Morelos - Page 232


December 24, 2011 Update - I received an email from a lady called Lorena asking me to promote her RV park which I don’t mind doing, but I had some trouble which spot she was refering to. It is formerly Trailer Park Campestre, now known as Trailer Park Diamante. The contact info has changed, here is the new info: email: lorena.mendoza@jardinlaceiba.com (the email works, that domain has expired and does not). Phone is now 777-610-0001 or 777-365-4323 - Information courtesy Paul Beddows


Editor's Note: This campground is the successor to the Trailer Park Diamonte in Cuernavaca itself which closed several year ago. The current campground is not in Cuernavaca itself, but about 12 miles (19 km) to the south and well off the toll road. Apparently the owners have decided to go back to the old name since the other campground has been closed for several years and there shouldn't be much confusion now. However, note that there is also a Trailer Park Diamonte near Acapulco (Page 211 of the 4th edition).




Restaurant Hermanos Reyes, Cuitzeo, Michoacan - Page 237


March 3, 2010 - Editor's Note: Here's an email we received from some readers. We met these folks in Cuernavaca and again in Pueble and in addition to the info below they mentioned that it was necessary for the owner of the restaurant to have workers lift some power or telephone lines so they could get in. They were driving a fifth wheel so they were tall, but you should definitely be on the lookout for wires when you pull in. Also, the directions are written assuming you come in from the south, although they entered the campground from the north.


There is a great camping possibility in Cuitzeo. It is on the east side of a restaurant which is located at the north of the libre going into Cuitzeo. Immediately as you go over the bridge (causeway) there are two cement pillars, one on each side of the road, turn right off the libre and check to see if you can make the turn into the restaurant. If you don't think you can make the turn you can drive further ( over the rise) and make a returno by going into the large Mercado parking lot and going back to the restaurant. We had no problem going in there from the north with 30 ft 5th wheels. The restaurant name is Hermanos Reyes Restaurant, owner is Felipe. At this time he had electricity for 2 tailers overlooking Lake Cuitzeo. He may install more electricity and run a waterline to the camping area. As for sewer, he does not have any but if he get's customers, would probably put in a holding tank. We were his first RV'ers as he is a tenting area, so does not know what to expect. If your in the area, check it out as it was really a great place to stay for a few days, he even brought us Coffee Olla each morning. We stayed here for 3 nights and he charged us $500 pesos. We did not negotiate as we felt it was fair. Contact info below.- Courtesy of Cam and Lorraine Makinson

Hermanos Reyes Restaurant
Cell 01 44 33 79 40 05
email: restauranthermanosreyes@hotmail.com
GPS 19.95798N


Hotel Villa Monarcha Inn, Near El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Preserve - Page 238


December 16, 2010 - This hotel is closed. Here's a recent reader report:


Last week Friday we were in Ocampo to visit the El Rosario butterfly sanctuary. Our first choice was to camp at Hotel Villa Monarcha Inn, but after repeatedly banging at their gate, calling out and peering through the keyhole, we decided this hotel must be closed. There was no one around, both driveways were littered with rubbish, as if no one had entered or exited in a while. We could also see that inside the gates things looked a bit rundown, lots of weeds on the patio. So we headed to the Givali Hotel where we had a very pleasant stay - Information courtesy Saskia Naafs


New Campground, Near El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Preserve - Page 240


December 16, 2010 Reader Report: On the way to the Givali Hotel (about 1-2 km before the hotel on the cobblestone road) a new hotel and campground is being built. They had the sign up, but construction is still under way. I forgot the name but it was something ending in El Salto. It looked like a good spot for future campers. - Information courtesy Saskia Naafs


Casa Ruby RV Park, Ixtlahuacan near Guadalajara - Page 244


April 5, 2010 - This brand new small RV park is located not far north of Chapala. It will open this summer. There are 4 sites for any size rig with 15-amp power. Water and dump are available. More information on this website: http://www.bobandgill.com/rvpark.html .


San Jose del Tajo Trailer Park Resort near Guadalajara - Page 244


June 24, 2011 Reader Report - In Guadalajara we stayed at the San Jose del Tajo, which had a friendly manager, but seemed very run down. The bathrooms were horrible, the swimming pool too, half of the electrical hook ups didn't work, the bins were overflowing, the office was a great mess.... we paid 250 Pesos, which was a special price according to the manager, but it was not worth it. - Family Hudson


Parque Acuático Chimulco, Villa Corona near Guadalajara - Page 245


December 12, 2010 - The email address for Chimulco is chimulco2000@hotmail.com


Roca Azul, Jocotepec near Guadalajara - Page 246


September 30, 2009 Update - We just recieved an update from the managers of this park. Suggested telephone contact numbers are now 333 700-5378 and 044 333 555-2525. There are now 65 sites for RVs and tours are being set up for day tris to Tequila, Tonala, Guadalajara, San Juan de los Lagos and other destinations. There is also free internet access, free access to a washing machine, and special rates for annual, and monthly periods. - Courtesy Lic. Rafael Sanchez Barba Acevedo


Bugamville RV Park, Guanajuato - Page 250



February 26, 2013 Reader Report -

Almost everything has changed at Bugamville. The original owner passed away a couple years ago and one of the sons has taken over the RV part of the property.

All the old RV spaces were torn out and replaced with new spaces. Each space is about 18 feet wide. All spaces are easily long enough for big rigs. The owner says he can fit up to 42 rigs on the property. Work continues on leveling spaces – some are better than others. The whole RV area is fenced and gated.

At the time we were there – late Feb. 2013 – all the spaces on the west side had water, electric, and sewer. The east side had water and electric - sewer should be in soon.

A new transformer has been purchased and installed and new wiring is everywhere – wires are in place for improved electric. BUT the inspector has not arrived yet to give the OK to fire everything up so we are still on restricted power. This could change tomorrow (manana). Number 8 wire runs to all spaces and there will be a master breaker panel by the office for each space. We talked with the owner about the possibility of metered spaces so high power users pay more than those who use less power and he showed me he already has some sort of digital metering system that I did not understand. I saw the new wires and transformer so I am sure this is really going to happen soon – everything is in place.

Water pressure was still low. But Carlos (the owner) showed me that he has a problem with high pressure from the gravity feed tank on the roof of the office – when he opened the valve on the tank my pressure gauge immediately shot up to over 80 psi which is too high for an RV in my opinion. He needs some sort of pressure regulation but says he cannot find a regulator anywhere. I said I would bring one from the states next year. If anyone is coming sooner you can contact Carlos and I am sure he would work something out to pay you for it. Water is drinkable.

WiFi was not available while we were there but that is in the works also. We have a Telcel stick and it works here.

There is also a restaurant on premises. Next door his brother has a swimming pool and they are working on plans for a gate access to this.

The access road and entrance are still not great – signs are not easy to see – turn in can be tight. There are two very large new commercial complexes across the road – to the east is the CFE (gov’t electric company) University with a large walled property – to the west is a very large Correo (GTO Newspaper) building – the entrance to the RV park is between these two and across the street (south side). A new storage facility is being built immediately east of the entrance on the same side. The RV park is a couple hundred yards from the highway – very quiet.

Both the CFE and Correo buildings are new and still under construction but it has been promised that they will be bringing new phone lines and high speed internet to the area.

There is a bus stop to GTO out front on the highway or the owner can arrange transportation to town. It is about 7 miles to the centro area.

A lot of construction was going on around the old RV park property during weekdays. One of the brothers owns a heavy equipment company and is building an equipment yard. Much of the front of the property has been cleaned up. The whole place looks better.

Two completely new bathrooms – one men and one women.

Most of the parking areas are still just dirt – rain could be a problem.

A slab has been poured where a new laundry room will soon be built.

BUGAMVILLE RV PARK and CaMiKatts Restaurant
Carretera Guanajuato 67 – J. Rosas – Km. 9
Tel/Fax 102 4504
Cell 044 473 738 0462
I.D.Nextel 92*13*83882

- Information courtesy of Brian and Sue Robertson



June 24, 2011 Reader Report- In Guanajuato we stayed at the Bugamville, which was excellent. The owner couldn't do enough to make the place better. He had put many new hook ups, the grassy area was well kept, the bathrooms nice, he had prepared a note for how to get to town by bus and how to come back and so on. And we paid 180 P. - Courtesy of Family Hudson


Las Palmas Midway Inn, Matehuala - Page 254


February 3, 2016 Update - We visited this hotel on January 15, 2016. All facilites were in good shape and as reported in the book. Hot showers were available and we could use the WiFi from the RV parking area. The price was 364.14 pesos per night.


Oasis Motel, Other Camping Possibililities, Matehuala - Page 254


December 14, 2010 Update - Here's a reader update:

The Oasis Motel that you have listed as “Other Camping Possibilities” is still open for RV’s, the same as it was when we were here in March of 2009. There have been no renovations that we can see except maybe a little painting. Nothing else has changed.

We paid 150 pesos for a parking spot inside the gated area. We have a useable unsecured wi-fi signal, not sure if it’s coming from the motel or not. Height would be a restriction to some units, however we got in with our 11’6” 28ft class A without toad. There seem to be 120v 15A outlets available, but we have solar and batteries so won’t be checking them to see if they work. - Information courtesy Kevin and Ruth Read


Hacienda Contreras RV Park, Mazamitla - Page 256

June 20, 2013 Update - Barb and Sal Contreras have sold their very popular RV park. Here's a short note from Barb:

Could you please add an update, that HC is now under new ownership.  We are not sure if he will maintain it as an RV park or not, so RVers should email us before arrival to make sure it is open.

Barb's email address is barb@haciendacontreras.com

- Information courtesy of Barb and Sal Contreras

Hoy No Circula Driving Restrictions- Page 259

July 25, 2014 Update - As of July 5, 2014, new additional restrictions have been added to the Hoy No Circula rules for Mexico City. These rules prohibit driving on Saturdays between 5 am and 10 pm for all vehicles without special Mexico City holograms as follows:

Plates ending with 5 and 6 - no driving on first Saturday of the month from 5 am to 10 pm

Plates ending with 7 and 8 - no driving on second Saturday of the month from 5 am to 10 pm

Plates ending with 3 and 4 - no driving on third Saturday of the month from 5 am to 10 pm

Plates ending with 1 and 2 - no driviing on fourth Saturday of the month from 5 am to 10 pm

Plates ending with 9 and 0 - no driving on fifth Saturday of the month, if there is one, from 5 am to 10 pm

Note that these restrictions are in addition to the other restrictions outlined in the book in the Hoy No Circula Driving Restrictions section on Page 259.

Western Bypass Route Through Toluca - Page 260

February 5, 2013 Update - The Libramento de Toluca is now finished and continues south on the DF (Mexico City) side of Toluca to join up with Mex 55 south of the city. It is clearly visible on Google Maps. We traveled it today and it is a great road, four lane for a while and then two. I asked at the toll booth and was assured the Hoy No Circula rules do not apply on this road. Tolls are expensive! +/- 500 pesos for our 4 axle combination of motorhome and tow car. - Information courtesy Croft and Norma Randle

Editor's Note: This is a very good piece of news! The route through Toluca may now be the best bypass route for those passing north-south (or south-north) around the Mexico City area.

Rancho La Mesa, Pátzcuaro - Page 277

June 20, 2012 Update - We stayed here in January 2012. The construction has been completed. This is an absolutely wonderfull park that is built to North American Standards. 30 amp service, clean water and sewer at every site. The park has breathtaking veiws overlooking the city, a great restaurant, better than great management and is also a working ranch with horses, cattle, goats and chickens to pet. It is well signed once you are off the highway. We stayed here as a base to visit Morelia, Santa Clara de Cobre, and the butterflies. - Courtesy of Rich & Bonnie Dizon


September 30, 2009 Update - The new park is going to be ready to receive its first caravan in November. Full hookups including 15 and 30-amp power have already been installed. - Courtesy of Serge Loriaux


Flamingo Hotel, Querétaro - Page 280


December 20, 2011 Update - We are at the Hotel Flamingo Inn right now. We arrived via Mex 45D, parked the MH in a Pemex and checked everything out in the car before venturing in. From 45D we let our Garmin take us off on the Constituyentes exit. Exiting the cloverleaf we quickly got into the left lane and turned left onto Av. Technologico, turned right onto Av. Zaragoza and followed your directions to get into the hotel. We made the turn in and around the "U" shaped driveway without unhooking the car and dolly. We were 49 feet long at that point. It was a little tight but we got in with no problem. We parked beside one of the light posts and between two trees. It is very nice! There is a dump available and the workers told us they would help us back up and dump at any time. They will also provide a hose to fill our water tank. It was very quiet and peaceful last night. The showers are immaculate and the desk provided towels. $250 pesos per night. - Courtesy of Croft & Norma Randle


Hotel Imperial - Saltillo - Page 282


January 23, 2016 Update - We visited this campground on January 14, 2016. Price was 464 pesos, credit cards were OK. The hotel is finishing a building at the east end of the camping area so those sites are no longer available. Now there are 6 back-in sites. Wi-Fi was weak but useable in the southern-most sites.


Hotel Quinta San Jorge, San Luis Potosí - Page 284


December 26, 2009 - Readers are reporting that this hotel has been torn down and camping is no longer available.


El Faro de Peter RV Park, San Luis Potosí - Page 285


February 8, 2010 Update - Two new pieces of information. The park now has a website: www.elfarodepeter.mex.tl/ . Also, the owner Pedro Garduño has installed a bell on the street-side entrance gate, he says to ring it until someone comes. - Information courtesy Brian and Sue Robertson


January 30, 2010 Update -Just saw your note in the update section that visitors have found the gate locked and no one around. So did we when we arrived last week. We parked our RV and walked to the beach to consider our next move. That was when we found the beach entrance to the park. There are two different ways to drive (or walk) to the beach to reach the other entrance. Kids playing on the beach climbed over the low fence to alert the owners. Our reading is that the park is used mostly by Mexicans, who are not camping during the winter, and the owners haven’t bothered to keep the front gate open on the off chance that a North American might show up.

Once Peter knew we were there, he went around and opened the gate, also kept it open most days while we were there. Services are basic – power, water, good WiFi (you get the code from a young man, possibly the owners’ son, in the lighthouse). No sign of showers. We paid 200 pesos per night and stayed for several nights. We absolutely loved little Mexquitic, including a visit to the little zoo across the lake.

One other note. When we stood outside the gate we attracted the attention of what appeared to be a pack of unruly dogs. After we were admitted we discovered they were a family of golden Labs and an ancient German shepherd, rambunctious but harmless.

December 26, 2009 Update - Readers are reporting that they are finding the gates of this campground closed and locked with no one onsite. So far we have been unable to contact the owners so it would be best to bypass the park until further notice. - Courtesy Bonnie and Jim James


La Siesta Hotel, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato - Page 289


February 20, 2011 Update - After many years of rumors it appears that the La Siesta will finally close. Campground management is saying that March 4, 2011 is the closing date. This leaves the Hotel Balneario San Ramón as the only big-rig park in the immediate area, rigs to 26 feet can stay at the San Miguel RV park and Tennis Courts which is located near the city center. The word is that the land where we've all spent so much time camping will be a Sam's Club. Hard to believe there's enought room! - Information courtesy Barb and Reggie Gilliam


Hotel Balneario San Ramon, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato - Page 290


February 26, 2013 Reader Report -

Much work is in progress and steady improvements are being made. Lots of new trees and plants continue to improve appearances.

There are 8 spaces below in the old area with about half of them being on a large concrete slab and the rest on gravel.

In recent years there have been improvements to the water, electric, and sewer in this area. We had 30 amp breakers noticed some other spaces had 20 amp breakers. Water pressure is low but we fill our fresh tank and pump from there. Water is drinkable.

Spaces are not huge and getting in and out can be tight for big rigs – but it is doable and at one point there were 4 of us between 35 to 40 feet in there.

We rarely needed our air conditioner – but when we did we never popped a breaker.

WiFi was great and we even streamed a little video – which we never do on WiFi but had something we just had to watch – just pointing out that the WiFi works.

At least 8 more spaces are being created up behind the hotel and the sewer is in but water and electric was in 2 central locations when we were there (Feb. 2013) but plans are to improve that soon. These spaces are on grass and may be soft if it rains. A new access road is being built to the area but will also need gravel if it rains.

For those without tow vehicles or who prefer buses or taxis there is a bus stop right in front and taxis can be called to arrive in 10 minutes. Taxis are very easy to find in town for the ride back.

This is a huge piece of property of over 50 acres with several dirt roads for walking and dog running – lots of room for expansion too. Boondocking possible. During Semana Santa (Easter Week) 2012 there were close to 30 rigs from a Mexican camping club there for over a week.

There are swimming pools which are filled on weekends. There is also a small restaurant open on weekends.

New bathroom – one room has toilet and sink and the other is a shower.

Someone there has done laundry for guests but I do not know specifics – I am not sure if their laundry room can be used by guests or just employees. Guests who had their laundry done received their laundry in nice plastic bags all clean and folded.

All the people who work there were great.

- Information Courtesy of Brian and Sue Robertson


The Old Time Park, Rancho el Rincon, Tapalpa, Jalisco - Page 292


February 27, 2010 Update - We've received an email from the owners with new contact phone numbers - Please Note for your readers. from Mexico : 01-343-432-1121 . You can e-mail us at : oldtimepark@hotmail.com My Cell: is : 044-343-1001433. It is best to email us (the owners) before visiting for directions and availability. - Information courtesy Margaret Aristaine.


El Oasis - Tequisquiapan, Querétaro - Page 296


January 11, 2011 Update - Now only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - Information courtesy of Mike Jones


Termas del Rey - Tequisquiapan, Querétaro - Page 297


January 11, 2011 Update - Now only open Saturday and Sunday. - Information courtesy of Mike Jones


Toluca, México - Page 301


February 5, 2013 Update - The Libramento de Toluca is now finished and continues south on the DF side of Toluca to join up with Mex 55 south of the city. It is clearly visible on Google Maps. We traveled it today and it is a great road, four lane for a while and then two. I asked at the toll booth and was assured the Hoy No Circula rules do not apply on this road. Tolls are expensive! +/- 500 pesos for our 4 axle combination of motorhome and tow car. - Information courtesy Croft and Norma Randle


Editor's Note: This is a very good piece of news! The route through Toluca may now be the best bypass route for those passing north-south (or south-north) around the Mexico City area. See more above under Western Bypass Route Through Toluca - Page 260


Hotel Durango Inn, Bermojillo, Durango - Page 303


February 1, 2010 Update - The GPS for this hotel is incorrect, there's a typo and two numbers are reversed. The correct GPS is 25.83628 N, 103.95820 W. - Information courtesy of Brian and Sue Robertson


Hotel Hacienda del Bosque & RV Park, Zacatecas, Zacatecas - Page 309


May 10, 2012 Update - The name of this facility has been changed to Spa Hacienda Baruk. - Information courtesy of Lise Jasmin and Mark Dunn


Hotel del Bosque, Zacatecas, Zacatecas - Page 310


May 10, 2012 Update - The name of this facility has been changed to Hotel Baruk Teleferico and and Mina, and the directional signs have been updated to reflect the change - Information courtesy of Mark Dunn


Servicio Morelos Trailer Park, Zacatecas, Zacatecas - Page 311


January 30, 2010 Update - We can add a small note about the Servicios Morelia Pemex Park north of Zacetacas, to which we retreated due to a caravan at Hacienda del Bosque. (They had the place closed off in red tape to protect the caravaners from us regular folk!) There is no water at the sites but you can fill up by pulling up inside the nearest gas pump and running your hose to the men’s washroom. The attendants showed us where. Easy to take the Morelia green bus from across the highway to downtown Zacatecas, 12 pesos. - Information courtesy of Bonnie and Jim James


Victoria Trailer Park, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas - Page 318


October 27, 2014 Update - Readers report that this park remains closed and that the property is being used by the Mexican Military.


December 24, 2012 Update - This park was closed when visited. - Information courtesy of Anni and Wolfgang Zellinger


January 3, 2012 Update - Rosie, the owner of the park, has passed away. Her sons plan to keep the park open although they will probably stop offering power hookups.


Hotel Hacienda Escondida, Ciudad Victoria - Page 319


December 24, 2012 - This park was closed when visited - Information courtesy of Anni and Wolfgang Zellinger


La Serena Motel, San Fernando de las Presas - Listed under Other Camping Possibilities, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas - Page 319


4/20/11 Update -


Editor's Note: The story that follows serves to emphasize that RVers should not be traveling through Tamaulipas, particularly not along Mex 101 between Ciudad Victoria and Matamoros. Hijackings are common along this route and it is dangerous. See the Security and Safety section above at Page 51 for more about this.


Reader Report:


We were coming back home by the Mexico Gulf coast and for our last campground before customs we decided to go at San Fernando de Presas. When we enterred town we asked at police officers for the Hotel Serena. They told us that it was closed and took us at an another hotel that was asking us $ 65 (canadian) to park for the night.

So, we took again the road, but after a few kilometres we wanted to verify if effectively the Hotel Serena was closed. It was not.

We installed ourselves with our motorhome but after a couple of hours, 2 trucks entered in the parking at 60km/hours and it's a small lot. We heard a big noise and my husband saw a man with a gun. When he was coming back into the motorhome we heard another shot. The young man who received us, told us that it was not dangerous because the man shot into the sky.

We quit and found another place in the town behind another hotel. It was not bad for a night.

When we arrived home, we've seen in a national newspaper, saying that they found almost 118 dead persons in different places in and around San Fernando. - Information courtesy Marie-Paule Lemire


La Serena Motel, San Fernando de las Presas - Listed under Other Camping Possibilities, La Pesca, Tamaulipas - Page 321


April 20, 2011 Update - See above under Page 319 for a reader report of a visit to this motel.



El Bañito Balneario y Restaurante, Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí - Page 322


February 3, 2016 Update - We visited this campground on January 17, 2016. Grass was clipped and sites in good shape, the best we've ever seen here. The shrimp, steaks, and French fries at the restaurant were excellent. Price was 218 pesos per night.



Tampico Bypass Route - Page 323


January 6, 2011 Update - Many people this year are reporting even more problems than normal with police when passing through or near Tampico. Here's a report on a possible alternate route south through Ciudad Valles:


We did not go through Tampico, We crossed at Pharr and went directly to El banito at Ciudad Valles. We then took 170 to San Vicente, then East to El Higo. The road from San Vicente was a continuous pot hole to El Higo (Editor's Note: This section from San Vicente to El Higo is 17 km). Went that way last year and it was not as bad. Vans and pick up campers can do it but would not advise larger rigs to use it. We then went south on 105-127 through Tantoyuca to 180 to Tuxpan then the cuota south and stayed at Casitas. - Information courtesy Ralph and Patti Burns


Mar Esmeralda RV Park Camping, Emerald Coast, Veracruz - Page 333


January 21, 2010 Update - The owners of this park have not developed it and are not operating it as we expected after talking with them last year. Rates being charged are high, 130 pesos per person. There is no Wi-Fi and showers don't always work. As expected there is a hotel under construction on part of the property but it is not finished. - This information courtesy of Claudia and PJ Potgieser


Trailer Park Camping Sun Beach, Emerald Coast, Veracruz - Page 334


February 3, 2016 Update - We visited this campground on January 20, 2016. It now seems to be the nicest of the campgrounds in this neighborhood. The campground was nice and clean, there were hot showers on request, and there was WiFi in the RV parking area. The price was 170 pesos per night.


Rancho La Condessa, Veracruz - Page 339


February 9, 2016 Update - We visited this park on 1/24/16 and spent two nights here. Found the park as described, but no additional sites have been added. The first night we shared the park with an evening shindig with 600 guests, lots of fun. Price was 200 pesos per night.


February 28, 2011 Update - We arrived late, almost 6pm, nobody was there, and both gates were locked by a chain. Bad luck, as people told us a few days before, they could get in and stayed for a night. - Information courtesy of Nora and Alfred Schmitt


Restaurant Villa Deschamps, Veracruz - Page 339


February 28, 2011 Update - Could not find this restaurant/campground. Locals said it closed, and place is used privately, now.  We asked and were allowed to park for the night on an adjacent lot. - Information courtesy of Nora and Alfred Schmitt



Villas Tepetepan and RV Park, Catemaco - Page 341


February 9, 2016 Update - We visited this park on 1/26/16 and spent three nights. The park is as described in the book, the current price is 250 pesos.


Rancho Hermanos Graham, Agua Dulce - Page 346


March 9, 2010 Update - Readers stopping at the park report that it's not quite as good as Indira indicated to us (see below). They found that little has been done to repair the hookups. Electricity was available but was ungrounded and available at only a few sites. And no water. The bathrooms were OK, but there was no water in them either. The rate was 250 pesos. The only memorable feature was an alligator in the old unused swimming pool. - Information courtesy of John Kobak.


September 19, 2009 Update - The owners report that the park upgrades have been completed and that electrical, water, and sewer hookups are now working. Reservations can be made in Spanish by calling 921 273-0111 or 921 152-4422. They can also be made in English from 9 am to 1 pm (Villahermosa time) by calling 921 212-9116 or 921 212-9119. Email is graham_rv_park@hotmail.com . - Information courtesy of Indira Morales (owner's office)


Recreativo El Gordo y San Pancho - Page 348


February 9, 2016 - We visited this park on 1/29/16 and spent two nights which allowed us to use our tow car to visit central Villahermosa and the La Venta zoo and museum. Both RV lots are now available, we chose the inner lot because the outer one was soft from recent rains. Management was very friendly and helpful. Wifi could be used from the RV parking area. The price is 250 pesos per day.


Mex 199 between San Cristóbal and Palenque - Page 352


March 30, 2010 Update - In recent weeks we've had reports that once again locals are creating roadblocks on Mex 199 near Ocosingo. This has been a problem in the past but has been uncommon in recent years. Apparently men manning the blocks are demanding money, generally about 200 pesos. One couple who didn not have cash had their rig beaten with sticks, and the driver himself was attacked with clubs when he left the rig to try and stop the damage. Eventually the couple was released without paying, but suffered damage to their rig including a broken windshield.


Rancho Los Mangos - Puerto Ángel, Oaxaca - Page 360


March 1, 2010 Update - The five official RV sites have now been paved and landscaped. Access is unobstructed for even the largest rigs; still there is ample shade. Two of the sites have been lengthened to 88 feet allowing head to tail parking for those traveling together. The main entry gate has been widened to 25 feet, allowing access by the largest rigs. Although there are only 5 official sites, numerous overflow sites allow for additional accommodation. As a matter of fact, the single largest occupancy was 22 rigs during several days in January. Most of the overflow sites have access to water and electricity, while a new dump station serves those not on a site equipped with a sewer connection. Security has been enhanced even further by the installation of new, non transparent gates. The rear gate used for access to the village of "Colonia Roca Blanca" and the beach, has a "person door" with a lock to which all campers get a key. All gates are closed and locked at night. Information and reservations can be obtained through an e-mail to: info@rancholosmangos.com - Information courtesy of Ellen and Richard Lacroix


Oaxaca Trailer Park - Oaxaca, Oaxaca - Page 363


October 19, 2015 Update - Just wanted to say that the old Oaxaca Trailer Park closed a few days ago and will shortly be an office building?! - Information courtesy of Kate and Del Highfield, managers of the Oaxaca Campground, see listing under Oaxaca Campground below.


March 7, 2013 Reader Report -We spent four days at Oaxaca Trailer Park.  It is still a great place in terms of location and access for large rigs but, seems in need of some TLC.  Many of the plugs don`t work, the bathrooms are quite dark and grotty, and the caretakers are not always around which is a bit of a security concern as the park is also being used for day parking.  However, the neighbourhood seems safe and we had no problems.  We were the only campers there. - Information courtesy of Judy and Cody Good


Overlander Oasis - Santa María del Tule, Oaxaca - Page 363


March 7, 2013 Reader Report - We also stayed four days at Overlander Oasis Campground in Santa Maria del Tule approx. 20 km east of Oaxaca which can accomodate two small RV`s or tenters in the yard of two friendly Canadians, Calvin and Leanne. They also have a comfortable cabana with kitchenette and bathroom (500p/night) which suited our purpose as we were traveling with friends who flew to Mexico. They prefer transient guests to long range stays (hence the name) and appreciate a phone call before arrival 52-951-144-3099. - Information courtesy of Judy and Cody Good

February 6, 2013 - There's now a small campground in Santa María del Tule, just about 10 minutes east of Oaxaca. Reservations are recommended. Here's a note from the owners:


We now have our own property in nearby El Tule, and we purposely bought big to accommodate not only our 35 foot converted GMC bus but also to have space for other travellers to stay. Our intended audience is small-to-medium sized vehicles and tenters; think "overlanders" as opposed to "snowbirds". However if a bigger rig should show up, a neighbour has a large secure lot that would accommodate them. Besides room for 4 - 6 vehicles, we have a grassed area for tents, a campers-only bathroom with hot shower, 3 dump stations (soon to come matching electric hookup at these sites) free wifi, and a self-contained rental casita that sleeps up to 5 with its own kitchen and bathroom. The website is www.overlanderoasis.com - Information courtesy of Calvin and Leanne Mackenzie


Oaxaca Campground - San Francisco Lachigoló, Oaxaca - Page 363


November 30, 2015 Update -


If you get to Oaxaca, please look us up. We formerly ran the San Felipe del Agua Campground (now permanently closed for more than a year) and have just opened the new Oaxaca Campground.


Website: oaxacacampground.wordpress.com

Email: oaxacacampground@gmail.com

GPS Location: N 17.03095, W 96.59902


-Information courtesy of Kate and Del Highfield



Hogar Infantil - Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas - Page 372


January 15, 2010 Update - There's a new email address for Bob Herlocker, it's bobnpeg2@gmail.com .


Bonampak Express Hotel and RV Park - San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas - Page 373


February 28, 2011 Update - Readers report that this campground is now closed and will not reopen.


February 2, 2010 Update - Readers report that the campground remains open although the hotel is closed. There is sometimes a chain on the gate, but an attendant will open it for you.


January 18, 2010 Update - Readers report that the campground here has been closed while the hotel is doing renovaton work. They sometimes use the RV park as a construction storage area and this appears to be one of those times. We suspect this is a temporary closing, but in Mexico a construction project like this could last quite a while.


Toniná Ruins, Between San Cristobol and Palenque - Page 382


February 25, 2010 Update - Toniná Ruins are located near Ocosingo, about half way between San Cristobol and Palenque. Readers are telling us that it is possible to camp on the grounds of a restaurant near the parking lot.


Escarcega and Mex 186, Campeche - Page 390


March 13, 2010 Correction - In this section we say that the archeological sites of Kohunlich and Dzibanché are easily visited from Campeche. We meant Chetumal. Hope no one drove 132 miles rather than 38 miles to visit these sites.


Chetumal, Quintana Roo - Page 393


March 6, 2010 Update - Chetumal now offers small-boat ferry service almost every day (weather permitting) to San Pedro on Ambergris Cay in Belize. Now you can visit the islands withouth taking your rig into Belize. However, you do have to give up your tourist card if you go and pay the Belize entrance fees. RVers we talked to were able to get a new 180 day card when they returned - but they did have to pay their Mexican tourist card fee again.


Gringo Dave's Last Resort, Chetumal, Quintana Roo - Page 395


November 18, 2013 Reader Report - This campground is in the small town of Huay Pix, on the Laguna Milagros. This is a beautiful, large, grassy lot, with lots of palm trees. Even though there is space enought, it is best for smaller "overlander" rigs. It is only ten minutes from the border with Belize and therefore the perfect place to stop and prepare for the border crossing. There is a restaurant, restrooms with cold showers and parking on the grass near the laguna. There are simple cabanas for rent too. Website is www.gringodaveslastresort.com . - This information is courtesy of Michel Schipper

Editor's Note: There's a general map on the website. This campground is located about 11 km (6 miles) west of Chetumal. It's about 3 km (2 miles) east of the intersection of Mex 307 and Mex 186.



Blue Bay Restaurant and Campground, Mahahual, Quintana Roo - Page 397


December 14, 2010 Reader Report - We just stayed for 6 days, it is a great place and Gerry and Blondie are friendly guys. No plans for a dump station or power but big rigs could fit in there fine, if you are prepared to Boondock. The entrance drive is a construction site and takes some maneuvering to get in. There is no fenced security but it is next to a military installation and has been the most quiet place we have stayed. The showers/toilets were very clean and in a big palapa. The cruise ships are in port Tue-Fri but very few passengers find their way to this end of the 1 mi Malecon. Price is 120 pesos/nite.- Information courtesy of John and Peggy Kobak


March 12, 2010 Update - Mahahual, called Puerto Maya by the cruise ship companies, now has a campground. The Blue Bay Restaurant is right on the malecon with the restaurant on the land side and tables on the sand next to the beach. Next to the restaurant is a large sandy lot with spaces for about 20 sites. This year the Blue Bay has been allowing RVers to dry camp on their lot for 50 pesos per person. The price includes Wi-Fi and a restroom with cold showers. We stayed there recently and the manager, Gerardo, has started work on an actual campground. A seperate restroom building is under construction on the north end of the lot (to be completed in time for Semana Santa this year) and electrical and water hookups with a dump station are to follow. You'll find the campground at the north end of the malecon, it's the first entrance south of the lighthouse, just south of the marine base. Email is gera1photo@hotmail.com - Originally report and work with campground owner courtesy of Michael Dean.


Los Corales de Xcalacoco RV Park - Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo - Page 399


March 14, 2009 Update - A new campground has just been opened a few miles north of Playa Carmen. The Los Corales de Xcalacoco is not on the beach, but it's not far away. The campground has 6 sites suitable for large RVs. Parking is on gravel, sites have 30 amp power, water and sewer. There is room for more sites in the future. There's a restaurant/bar and a nice swimming pool. It's 700 meters to the beach. The price is currently 200 pesos per night or 3,500 pesos per month. If you use air conditioning it's 4,000 pesos a month. For info or reservations call (984) 119-1889 or (984) 100-6673. These are Mexican numbers. Access is via the old Punta Beta Road. It leaves Mex 307 just south of Km 296. Follow the small paved road east for .6 miles (1 km) where it turns to gravel. It's another .3 miles (.5 km) to the campground on the left.


Cenote Cabaña Suytun - Valladolid, Yucatán - Page 405


January 6, 2011 Update - Are now at Cenote Cabana Suytun, near Valladolid, which  we like a lot.  Your descriptions should say cold indoor showers and mention the beautiful swimming pool as well as the cenote.  Price is 200 pesos sin electicidad. - Information courtesy of Ralph and Patti Burns


Stardust Inn - Pisté, Yucatán - Page 408


January 11, 2011 Reader Report - Came into Piste the other day, a fellow in front of Stardust Inn said that their RV area closed and they had no services. I did not talk to the manager, so can't verify. Piramide Inn folks have been quite accomodating. - Information courtesy of Mike Jones


Rainbow RV Campground - Mérida, Yucatán - Page 410


June 21, 2012 Reader Report - We attempted to stay there in May 2012. We have been traveling in Mexico for seven months in our 40' 5th wheel with our 2 children. We have stayed in many many campgrounds and everyone has been wonderful, except here. We pulled into this park with our rig. We were met by a lady who introduced herself as the owner. She quoted us a price of 600 pesos per night. She also said she did not guarantee that we would have electricity. We politely said no thanks and tried to get in our rig to leave. At that point she became violent. She attacked us and threw rocks at us, our children and our rig, blocking our exit. We were unable to leave and were afraid. We called the police and had to wait for them to come so they could protect us from her attacks so we could leave. The police were most helpful and apologetic. They had to restrain the Owner in order to escort us out of the park. We have no idea what set the Owner off, but we feel it is important to let your readers know what happened to us at this park. We went to Puerto Progreso and had a wonderful stay. - Information courtesy of Rich and Bonnie Dizon


Editor's Note: This is the first report of this kind we've recieved about the Mérida park. We hope it's a situation that won't reoccur. We've stayed in this park often with no problems.



January 26, 2011 reader Report - We are at the Rainbow now and there have not been any changes. The new gate is still not in and the work there seems to have been abandoned. One row of pedestals has no electricity and the sewer line at one end of another row is still plugged. The voltage is +/- 130 volts at rest but as soon as you put any load on it drops to +/- 100 volts. AC cannot be used, even on low.
The price is still $250 pesos a night with no discounts. The showers are working and the solar water heater for them delivers very hot water (at least in the afternoon), cold must be added. - Information courtesy Croft Randle


Romantic Hotel Santo Domingo, Izamal, Yucatan - Page 410


January 15, 2011 Reader Report -


We love the Romantic Hotel Santo Domingo and the wonderful hosts here, Harald, Sonja & Reinhardt. The grounds and ambiance are beautiful. The hosts speak English. It is an easy walk to town from here. You can describe Izamal as we know you have been here.

The camping area at this time is for vans and pickup campers as the entrance is through a gate with a sharp incline and it would be a problem for a trailer or long camper. Tent campers are welcome. Camping is on level spots scattered about on the property with more to be developed at a later date. Water and electric are available on a limited basis for filling tanks or recharging batteries but no hook ups are available. There are two bathrooms with cold showers. They are the prettiest campground bathrooms we have ever seen.

Campers may use the hotel pool and palapa with tables. Wifi is available.

Harald wants to have a camping area for travelers not long term people. Since this part of Romantic Hotel Santo Domingo is just starting the prices are not set yet. It will not be expensive to camp here .

If you Google "Romantic hotel Santo Domingo", the trip advisor site has photos, reviews etc. This would be a great place to meet fly in friends and relatives who could stay in the hotel where you are camping. We are pitching this idea to our friends and relatives. - Information courtesy Patty and Ralph Burns


October 20, 2010 Update - We recently recieved this note from a hotel in Izamal who wants to accomodate RVers:

I just opened a new Hotel in Izamal - Yucatan- Mexico in the heart of the Yucatan state, located just 45 minutes outside Merida and 45 minutes from Chichen Itza. I have a 33 acre property which only a small part is used for the hotel. We accomodate as well motorhomes ( since I am a motorhome traveller as well ).
We can accomodate maybe 10 units at the same time. At the moment we do not provide full hook up but electricity and water is available. I want to make this offer to all travellers who are travelling by motorhome because in the area there are no campgrounds around.

Best regards from sunny Izamal
Harald Eder

Email: turismoelplacer@gmail.com
phone: (+521) 988 96 76 136
Address: Calle 18 x 33, Izamal, Yucatan
97540 Mexico

November 18, 2013 Reader Report - This camping area in Izamal is part of a hotel, they have a seperate area for campers, but they only want the "overlander" trucks, no large American busses. There is space for about 4-5 max 25 ft rigs. They have brand new restrooms with hot water and WiFi that reaches most of the sites. It's on the edge of Pueblo Magico Izamal and you can get into town in a ten minute walk. Website: www.izamalhotel.com/izamal-lodge-camping . - Information courtesy of Michel Schipper


Hotel Puuc, Oxkutzcab, Yucatan, about 25 Miles (40 KM) east of Uxmal - Page 413


March 5, 2010 - When travelling what is known as the Puuc route, a group of interesting ruins and other attractions to the east of Uxmal, campgrounds are scarce. Most people just stay at the Uxmal ruins. These readers found a place to overnight in Oxkutzcab on the east side of the area which is convenient to the Loltun Caves. Note that these folks are driving a medium-sized RV, near the maximum size you'd want to have if you were exploring this area other than the main access roads to Uxmal itself.

Hotel Puuc - They have two sets of sliding doors and a huge area for parking. Best yet, this place is 3 blocks from Centro. I would guess some big rigs might have difficulties in town., but the Ruta Puuc was doable for our 26fter. It was one of the prettiest days of our trip to date.
Hotel charged us 225 pesos for a room. I asked about staying in camper and they were fine with that but had to wait till morning to get the bosses rate. We just took the room and put it to good use.
The next morning the hotel owner showed me his pet project, a new addition with huge parking area. They were building a pool too. It was nearly finished. The addition has the second gate with larger parking.
Owner is Ricardo Briceno Vazquez. Hotel name is : Hotel Puuc, Calle 55 No. 80x44, Oxkutzcab, Yucatan. www.oxkutzcab-hotelpuuc.com - Information courtesy Steve Martin.


Club Nautico - Campeche, Campeche - Page 414


February 16, 2011 Reader Report - Today we stay in Campeche on the Campground Club Nautico. The prices are a little bit increased!!!! They ask 350 Pesos. The internet don’t work outside the building. And inside it is the slowest that we have seen till the start of our trip. The voltage is more then 132Volts. So it is not really the best link between price and what we get for it. - Report courtesy of Werner and Christine Weltreise


New Samula Trailer Park - Campeche, Campeche - Page 416


January 6, 2011 Update - A reader has reported that he could not find the New Samula when he recently visited Campeche and suspects that it has closed. If you visit Campeche and visit or attempt to visit the park this year please let us know what you find. This is a difficult park to locate and is small so it is very possible that it is still open. We suggest use of your GPS to confirm that you have reached the correct location.


Freedom Shores, Isla Aguada - Page 417


February 9, 2016 Update - We visited this campground on 1/31/16. We found it as described although WiFi was very limited. The restaurant was excellent and we enjoyed kayaking on the bay out front and the beach. The price is $30 US for waterfront-area sites, $25 in the rear.


Road System - Puerto Peñasco and El Golfo - Page 421


November 17, 2009 Update -The direct road between El Golfo and Puerto Peñasco that is mentioned on this page is indeed completed and in operation. Readers report that it is excellent. It's a free road and there are several pull-offs along the way where signs offer information about the vicinity.

That's not all though. There's a new toll road extending south from near the border at San Luis Río Colorado much of the way to El Golfo. Rates are high. Readers report paying 94 pesos for a car or 188 pesos for a coach towing a car. The combination of these two roads will make access from California to Puerto Peñasco and El Golfo much quicker. - Information courtesy of Marlin and Kay Pihl

Bonita RV Park - Puerto Peñasco - Page 425

June 27, 2011 - A reader reports that this campground has closed.

San Juan Trailer Park - Puerto Peñasco - Page 428

March 8, 2010 Update - A reader reports that the San Juan Trailer Park has closed. - Courtesy of Dave Oglevie

Desert Oasis Resort - Puerto Peñasco - Page 428

June 27, 2011 Update - A reader reports that this campground is closed.

Campo Playa RV Park, Ensenada - Page 454

Nobember 11, 2014 Update - This place was very trashy with toilets that were unclean and hadn't been flushed for awhile.... The hot water heater was broken when we pulled in and they offered a cheaper price because of that, which we declined. You do mention the on-again, off-again conditions this place has. Guess we were there during the off-again phase.... - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.

Estero Beach Hotel/Resort - Ensenada - Page 455

October 18, 2011 Update From Reader - Estero Beach Resort RV Park now has WiFi. - Courtesy of John Simmons

Centro Recretivo Mi Refugio, Punta Banda- Page 456

November 11, 3024 Update - We stayed here about 5 nights total. The sign to the property says Rancho Mi Refugio. Very friendly owners in the “castle”. Correction: they have two sets of bathrooms, however, the lower set is totally inoperable and shut down. No water, toilets haven't been flushed in awhile, electricity doesn't work. The lower camping section had spaces for 6-8 sites, not 20 that I could see. Our impressions were that the owners have not put any money into this place for quite some time, as the rocks dividing the spaces were misaligned, the palapas provided for shade down in the camping area were falling over, and the electricity shut off (wiring and lights there, but no electricity.) We stayed at the upper section one night and the electricity and bathrooms were all fine. The bathroom tho – the women's sink had no water coming out - you had to go into the next door shower area in order to get a sink with running water. And you had to provide your own TP. In order to re-charge my laptop and camera, I had to plug them in outside on the “castle” outlets – except for the night we stayed in the upper section. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.

Motel Sinahi RV Park, El Rosario - Page 465

November 11, 2014 Update - We got a room here two nights – two different rooms for the same price. The BEST room is the one right next to the office – it is much larger and cleaner than any other room on the property for the same price. You can get internet from this room and maybe one other that is close to the office. Otherwise, you must go into the office and sit there. The restaurant on the premises was mediocre. Mama Espinosas is MUCH better. Rooms were 250pesos. We only saw one camper there both nights. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.

Daggetts Beach Camping - Bahía de los Angeles - Page 471

June 22, 2012 Update From Reader - Last year I wrote you about the electricity coming into Daggett's campground. We are back here now and it still has not been completed. The owner is having difficulty with the local electricity company engineer and cannot seem to get a date confirmed. Pretty typical. The sport fishing business is up and he has expanded his Casitas so he has really nice, tiled, clean Casitas with A/C (and electricity of course). The weather lately has been warm with gentle breezes, some westerly winds at night, but need a sheet most mornings as it cools down. Fishing is okay, catching yellowtail, but no sea bass or dorados yet. Sorry about the info last Fall. I know the owner is very frustrated that he can't get things hooked up sooner. - Information courtesy Karen Perkens

July 8, 2011 Update From Reader - Ruben Daggett has brought in electricity! He will be bringing it to some of the campsites, as well as putting in some pull-thru sites with electricity. New bathrooms are under construction (old ones are fine and clean w/hot water still, just wanted bigger ones in a better location). He is also adding stonework to the back of some of the palapas to help block the wind (you know the Baja winds!) and give more privacy to the camp site. Probably the best thing for us, as quasi residents is the security there due to Ruben and his two sons (and family) living onsite. While there are reports of numerous breakins farther up the beach towards La Gringa, and down south at Rincon, we have never had a theft issue at Daggett's.With the road paved all the way to his entrance, two gas stations, lots of stores and now electricity, we thought you might want to take a look at his new website www.campdaggetts.info and see if it's worth another visit. Oh, I almost forgot, he now has two Super Pangas with gps, fish finders, live bait tank, fully walk arounds. He and his two sons are also certified fishing guides, certified first aid responders and certified guides to take people to the islands. Ruben and Amanda are really super people and I told him we should let you guys know about the improvements.

La Espinita Motel and Restaurant, Guerrero Negro - Page 478

November 11, 2014 - The office closes at 4:30pm, tho there is a small store where we found a person to rent us the room for the evening. Motel rooms were 300 pesos per night. The sound-proofing was minimal and we could here our neighbors next door. It might be helpful to mention that most fruits and vegetables can not be transported between North and South Baja, altho we weren't asked on the return. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.

Bahía Asunción Campground, West of Vizcaíno Junction, Baja California Sur - Page 481

February 23, 2011 - We've just had a great week at Bahía Asunción on the west coast. There is now a good paved road all the way to the town and a very good campsite run by Shari and Juan. Shari is Canadian and made us very welcome, introducing us to people in town and of course an excellent source of local knowledge for places to visit in the area. The campsite (the only one in town) is on the left hand side as you enter the town, right alongside the beach on the sheltered eastern side of town. There is a dump station, water, laundry facility and internet there. We highly recommend the campsite and this lovely town. - Courtesy of Bev and Alan Brown

Editor's Note: Readers should be aware that Bahía Asunción is relatively remote, about 80 miles (130 km) west of the Vizcaíno Junction which is itself 40 miles (65 km) south of the Guerrero Negro area.

Las Palmas RV Park, Santa Rosalia - Page 486

February 1, 2010 - The Las Palmas is now closed. - Courtesy of Marlin and Kay Piel

Huerta Don Chano RV Park, Mulegé - Page 489

June 6, 2012 Update - We are in Mulege and staying at an RV Park that was not in your last book. It is called Huerta Don Chano RV Park and is on the north side of the river along the road to the lighthouse - almost directly across from the Orchard. It is a lovely spot, carved out of a large orchard that was here until the water ran out so still lots of mango, orange, banana, fig, plum, etc. trees around. There are some permanents here with cute concrete casitas, I believe there is at least one house for rent and then some large RV spots with 30 amp power, water, sewer and ours has a palapa to sit under. There is a clean, tiled washroom that has hot water showers - consistently! It is an easy walk to town from here or out to the lighthouse and some of the amenities there. The challenge is getting through town to get here - just follow the one way to Calle Playa (signed for the lighthouse) and turn left at the Huerta Don Chano RV Park sign just before the new malecon. The owners name is Manuel "Lito" Romero and his email is manuel_romero25@yahoo.com.mx should you need further info. He has very good English. - Information courtesy Cheri and Ray Wise


Posada Concepción, Bahía Concepción Campgrounds - Page 494

December 19, 2010 Update - We recently recieved this updated information from Terri Myers, a reader and resident at Posada Concepción:

Posada Concepcion (www.posadaconcepcion.net) is a community of about 60 homes on the Bay of Concepcion. it's located about 12 miles south of Mulege at Km 112. there are 10 sites with full hookups that can accommodate up to 40' rigs. the rate is $19 a night, which includes free wifi. a small building houses one women's bathroom and one men's, each with a shower. there is 24-hour security. there are also houses for rent at Posada starting at $50/night.

Posada is the rare Mexico community that offers a "greener" RV camping experience via its recycling center and food-waste composting. it also features the only tennis court between Ensenada and La Paz, which was resurfaced 2 years ago and is in good shape. there are lots of tennis players at Posada, so visitors can find a game (and a racquet to borrow) easily. kayak rentals are available at $10/day, and the shallow waters in this protected part of the bay make for ideal kayaking.

Campestre La Pila Balneario and Trailer Park - Page 503

April 25, 2012 Reader Report - There is no grass at all in the RV parking area any more. The showers were not hot. They weren't even luke warm, but were tolerable. They weren't cold showers. - Courtesy of Joyce Space

Aquamarina RV Park, La Paz - Page 505


February 24, 1013 Update - We've received word that the Aquamarina RV Park in La Paz has been reopened. We couldn't be more pleased to have another campground in La Paz, especially this one. Here's the latest contact information:


Propietario: Maria Luisa Adcock
R.F.C. VALL-321031-LM2
Tel: (612) 122 3761 Web: www.aquamarinarvpark.com


Information courtesy of the owners.


The following write-up is adapted from the previous edition of this book:


This is a well-kept park with flowering plants and lots of shade. There are 19 back-in slots, all have 50 and 30-amp outlets, sewer, water, a patio and shade. Rigs over 35 feet will find this campground a little cramped. In the center of the park is a swimming pool and covered patio. Restrooms are well maintained and clean, they have hot water showers. There is a coin-operated laundry in the office building. English is spoken and reservations are recommended. This is the La Paz campground most likely to fill up with individual rigs, it’s too small for caravans.

The campground is located at the ocean end of Av. Nayarit, which is paved street off Absolo as it comes into La Paz. If you zero your odometer at the dove statue (some people see a whale’s tail instead) Nayarit goes to the left at 2.5 miles (4 km). There is a small trailer pictogram sign marking the street and a four-story building with balconies on the right opposite the turn. Follow Nayarit to the end, about 0.4 mile (0.6 km), the campground gate is on the right about 50 yards from the end. If it’s not open just park and walk around the end of the fence at the water end to the office.


Campestre Maranatha, La Paz - Page 505


June 24, 2011 Reader Report - In La Paz, the only campground left (all the others are closed) is the Maranatha. Cindy, the owner (and her husband) are very nice and we spent three lovely weeks there. This campground is GREAT for families as it has a wonderful playground and great swimming pool! Maybe you want to add a bit about travelling with children... :-) - Courtesy of Family Hudson


January 30, 2010 Update - Campestre Maranatha has added about 20 full hookup sites and has changed its email address to bajasis@hotmail.com


RV Casa Blanca, La Paz - Page 506


January 30, 2010 - The Casa Blanca is definitely closed and is being turned in to a parking area with curbs and gutters. - Information courtesy of Pam and Randall Seegers


January 2, 2010 - The Casa Blanca is reported to be open again. - Information courtesy of Ron Beals


September 19, 2009 - The Casa Blanca has closed. - Information courtesy of Chery and Ray Wise


Playa Miramar, La Ventana - Page 509


November 11, 2014 Update - This is the area you need to re-write. We went up and down the main road looking for and asking for “Playas Miramar” and noone knew this name. Your description fits the place everyone calls, “The Campground”. We were there at the middle of March, and by then, many of the windsurfers had left. There was ample room and prices were soft for camping. We first camped at the arroyo next to The Campground, which has minimal shade. We needed shade, so moved over to The Campground. At that time, because of the number of people leaving, we paid the same price for a far superior product - $100-150pesos per night. The $150 pesos was charged to those that had a space on the front row; it was cheaper as you camped further away from the water. I say far superior because the arroyo had two toilets and two cold showers only that were connected to a now vacant restaurant; The Campground had mirrors, sinks, toilets and hot showers in an upgraded facility. It is also much closer to the restaurants and kite-boarding school. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.


Playa Limpia, La Ventana - Page 509


June 24, 2011 Update - In La Ventana we stayed at a beach NORTH of El Sargento. There are some palapas and it's a beautiful long beach, the first part of it is great for swimming. The beach was called Playa Limpia, although we are not sure if this was just referring to the beach being clean or if it was the actual name. - Courtesy of Family Hudson


Baja Serana, South of Todos Santos - Page 511


February 23, 2010 Update - We are currently camped in Baja Serena south of Todos Santos. We drive a 30' motorhome without tow. Although the actual campsites will accomodate a 40 ft rig (as outlined in your book) the entrance is a problem. The owner opened the widest gate and it still took about 15 minutes of back and forth with two people helping to direct to actually enter the campground. With the narrow entrance road and the sharp turn into the actual campground, anything over about 25 ft will have trouble entering. Once in the park, there is plenty of room. We paid $13 US dollars per night. They are down to one shower but the campground only accomodates up to 8 campers so the one is enough. The shower was spotless and the water hot. Note that the Baja Serena requires a two-day minumum stay. - Information courtesy of Ron Beals


Trailer Park Vagabundos del Mar, Cabo San Lucas - Page 515


November 11, 2014 Update - We tried to go here first before Club Cabo – and the auto dealership HAD taken over the available overnight camping area. The person running the campground found us one spot where we could have camped, if desired, but he wanted $35 to park and sleep in our van – so we left. This place is mainly for permanent residents. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.


Club Cabo Motel and Camp Resort, Cabo San Lucas- Page 516


November 11, 2014 Update - Stayed one night. Extremely dusty here because they are off a dirt road and many cars go by. The owner quoted one price; his wife quoted another. Bathroom and shower were just okay – hadn't been cleaned in several days. Seemed an imposition to owner for me to use the internet at 7:30pm and I had to go to the side of their house to plug in – where there was no real room to put my laptop or good lighting. - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.


Playa Norte RV Haven, Los Barriles - Page 519


November 11, 2014 Update - You have the laundry symbol on there, but it is worth mentioning in the text because it is fabulous! Several machines, coin-operated, with clotheslines and tables to sit at for WIFI or else for folding your clothes after. Really liked this place! - Informaton courtesy reader M.E.A.


Paraiso Del Mar RV Resort, Los Barriles - Page 521


January 3, 2010 Update - A reader reports a brand-new big RV park in Los Barriles. It's called the Paraiso Del Mar RV Resort. It has a webite: www.eastcapervresorts.com (This address sounds like it should be for the East Cape RV Resort, but apparently it's not. Is there a connection or is this a marketing ploy by the new campground?). Rates are $20 per day, $320 per month for full hookups. Location is across the road from the Playa Norte, approximate GPS is 23.699340 N, 109.707317 W. The manager's name is Jorge, you can contact him at paraiso_delmar@hotmail.com - Information courtesy Kevin Ross


Guatemala - Crossing The Border from Guatemala to Mexico- Page 538


June 30, 2010 - We've recieved the following description of the crossing from Tecun Uman, Guatemala to Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico. This is the crossing at the south end of Mexico's Mex 200 on the West Coast.


We crossed from Guatemala into Mexico at Tecun Uman/Ciudad Hidalgo. Now I know why it is not mentioned in your book.

We had to work our way through the narrow streets of Tecun Uman, no signage of course, through a huge puddle of water & sharp right turn, then left into the carpark of Aduana to hand in our vehicle permit. Then into the Immigration office & exit stamp in passport.

Over the bridge to Mexico. First stop Fumigation 60 pesos. Difficult parking for the motor home. Small units no problem. Then along the side of a building just missing it, and a tree, to Mexico Immigration & not good parking again. Aduana, so they called themselves, were there & asked to look inside. When I asked for what, it turned out they were just being nosey! They didn't enter. No problem getting new visa for 180 days.
Next stop the Military - they insisted on entering the motor home & one took off his shoes to do so. Superficial inspection.

Then were free to go. Banjercito was 60kms away at Viva Mexico & there we paid 262 pesos each for our visas. We already had our 10 year vehicle permit. This office accepted only cash - pesos or $s - no credit cards.

- Above information courtesy Rosemary and Michael McGahey






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