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We find that a decent library makes a trip to Mexico more fun. One of the advantages of an RV is that you can easily carry a small reference library. These are the ones we use a lot or really like that are still in print and generally available. Buy them before you go, English-language guidebooks are very difficult to find in Mexico, particularly away from the tourist cities. You can click on the Amazon logo to buy any of them.




Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping, 4th Edition - Mike and Terri Church

You'll probably understand when we say this is our favorite Mexican book. Follow this link for a good price and quick delivery.



Mexico Tourist Road Atlas - Guia Roji

This is a good road atlas for mainland Mexico and it's pretty good for the Baja too. You should buy one of these in the U.S., you'll probably need it long before you can find it in Mexico.




Lonely Planet's Mexico -

Great for general background information and things to do throughout Mexico.  Lonely planet also publishes a full line of guides to the entire world. Lonley Planet is Microsoft of guidebook publishers and sometimes that means the places they recommend are crowded with tourists. That's not much of a problem in Mexico other than in some of the fly-in resorts.




The People's Guide to Mexico - Carl Franz

Everyone loves this book. Now in its 14th edition. This is the closest thing to a travel bible about Mexico, but I don't think it recommends even one restaurant, hotel, or even campground.  It has something to say about almost everything else in Mexico, and it's a great read.



Archaeological Mexico: A Traveler's Guide to Ancient Cities and Sacred Sites - Andrew Coe

You'll see lots of archaeological sites in Mexico, this book will help you understand what you are seeing. Another Moon Travel Handbook.




Blue Guide Mexico - John Collis and David M. Jones

Probably more than you'll ever want to know about the archaeology, architecture and art of Mexico. Print so small you can only read it in really good light. On the other hand, when you really want to know about the spectacular church in some town no one ever heard of - this is the book.



Green Guide Mexico - Michelin

If you have traveled in Europe you are no doubt familiar with this guidebook series - they're generally known as the "Green Guides". Formally written and a little dry, they are filled with good information.




99 Days To Panama - John and Harriet Halkyard

If you plan to take your RV south of Mexico this book is essential. It includes both an account of an RV trip as far as Panama and a section listing the campgrounds used. It's also a beautiful book.



There's A Word For It In Mexico - Boye Lafayette de Mente

This is our new favorite Mexican culture book. If you want have a better understanding of Mexicans and things Mexican then read it soon.



God's Middle Finger: Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre - Richard Grant

Thinking about driving across the Sierra Madre? You might want to read this book first.




The World of San Miguel de Allende: An Uncommon Guide -Robert de Gast

Everything you could want to know about San Miguel. Wish we had written this books, it's great! The book is still in print but Amazon only gets used copies, keep your eye on this link and you might see one offered at a decent price.










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