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Route: Huatabampito to El Fuerte
Date: December 8, 2008
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: Pickup with Camper towing a Jeep Wrangler (40 Ft. Total Length)

Today’s log starts at the road to Huatabampito just outside Huatabampo. This was the end of yesterday’s log. If you started the day in Huatabampito, the drive to here was 10.2 miles (16.5 km).

From here the route follows a good 2-lane road 17.1 miles (27.6 km) to intersect with Mex 15 just south of the toll booth south of Navajoa.

We’ll follow Mex 15 south to Km 55 and the town of El Carrizo where we exit to take the short cut route to El Fuerte. This is a 2-lane road with no shoulders and is a little rough from frequent patching of potholes. It is not a high speed road – expect to travel about 30 miles per hour. This is a quiet road with very little traffic and can be easily traveled by any size RV. The distance from El Carrizo to El Fuerte via this route is 34 miles (54.8 km).

Alternately, you can take the main route to El Fuerte which is the route most taken by northbound RV travelers. For this route you will continue south on Mex 15 to Los Mochis. Highway 23 to El Fuerte leaves Los Mochis and is mostly 4-lane the entire distance. Although the road surface and size is better than that of the short cut route, it travels through many small towns, most with a 40 kilometer per hour speed limit, so driving is still slow. The distance to El Fuerte via this route starting in the town of El Carrizo is 84.7 miles (136.6 km).


000.0 Miles (000.0 Km) -- At the intersection of the road to Huaabampo from the road to Huatabampito. There is an Oxxo station on the left at this intersection. We head east. This is Mile 56.8 (91.6 Km) of the previous day’s log. The road is 4-lane divided with yellow light poles down the center.

000.2 Miles (000.3 Km) – Tope.

000.4 Miles (000.6 Km) -- End of 4-lane divided highway. The road is now 2-lane with no shoulders in good condition.

001.2 Miles (001.9 Km) -- Pemex #3777 on the right with magna and premium.  Lots of room – even some room for parking but this is an urban location, not great for overnighting. We enter the town of La Union (3 topes) at the Pemex.

001.6 Miles (002.6 Km) -- Out of La Union.

001.7 Miles (002.7 Km) -- Instituto Tecnologico De Huatabampo on the right.

008.0 Miles (012.9 Km) -- Enter the town of Col Macias (2 topes).

008.6 Miles (013.9 Km) -- Out of town.

015.9 Miles (025.6 Km) -- A gravel road to the right goes to El Bachoco. We continue straight.

017.1 Miles (027.6 Km) -- Intersection with Mex 15. We turn right on Mex 15 heading south toward Los Mochis. This is a 4-lane road and the surface is in good condition.

017.3 Miles (027.9 Km) -- Km 129 marker.

026.5 Miles (042.7 Km) – A turn off to the right goes to Las Bocas and to the left to Masiaca (a craft village). We continue straight.

027.3 Miles (044.0 Km) -- Km 113 marker.

028.7 Miles (046.3 Km) -- Road construction, route becomes 1 lane going south (our direction) because they are painting a center white line.

029.2 Miles (047.1 Km) -- Km 110 marker.

030.9 Miles (049.8 Km) -- End of construction and the road is again 4-lane.

031.0 Miles (050.0 Km) -- Km 107 marker.

037.0 Miles (059.7 Km) -- A restaurant on the right with a large gravel lot for parking.

037.1 Miles (059.8 Km) -- Another restaurant on the right with gravel parking both on the right and between the lanes.

037.4 Miles (060.3 Km) – Enter the very small town of Ejido Benito Juarez (no topes).

037.9 Miles (061.1 Km) -- Km 96 marker.

039.1 Miles (063.1 Km) -- Enter the small town of Estacion Luis (no topes) at the Km 94 marker.

039.9 Miles (064.4 Km) -- Out of town.

040.3 Miles (065.0 Km) -- Enter the town of Los Toltecas (no topes) with Pemex #3560 on the right with magna, premium, and diesel and a Super store. This is a large station with a little bit of parking.

040.4 Miles (065.2 Km) -- Km 92 marker.

042.0 Miles (067.7 Km) -- Enter the small town of Ejido Lucio Blanco (no topes).

044.3 Miles (071.5 Km) – Enter the small town of 21 de Marzo (no topes).

045.2 Miles (072.9 Km) – Small unsigned town on the right with a restaurant which has a large gravel parking lot.

045.5 Miles (073.4 Km) – Enter the small town of 24 de Febrero (no topes)

046.0 Miles (074.2 Km) -- Km 83 marker.

048.5 Miles (078.2 Km) – Enter the small town of Ejido Emiliano Zapato at Km 79 marker (no topes).

051.7 Miles (083.4 Km) – Turnoff right is to Agiabampo just after the Km 74 marker. We continue straight. There is a small unsigned town at the turnoff (no topes).

052.0 Miles (083.9 Km) – Enter the town of Estacion Don (a series of small topes).

054.0 Miles (087.1 Km) -- End of Sonora Only Program. We stay to the right at the border station and continue south with no stop required.

054.7 Miles (088.2 Km) -- Km 69 marker.

054.8 Miles (088.4 Km) -- Enter the state of Sinaloa.

056.2 Miles (090.6 Km) -- Fitozoosanitaria Station. We were waved through.

057.6 Miles (092.9 Km) -- Permanent military stop for northbound traffic. There are 3 topes on the southbound lanes but no inspection.

057.9 Miles (093.4 Km) -- Km 65 marker.

058.7 Miles (094.7 Km) -- Cemetery on the right.

063.6 Miles (102.6 Km) -- Km 56 marker.

063.8 Miles (102.9 Km) -- Pemex #8025 on the left with magna, premium, and diesel and a store.

064.2 Miles (103.5 Km) -- Km 55 marker.

064.4 Miles (103.9 Km) -- We turn left to return north for the road to El Fuerte. We are then heading north on Mex 15 (only for about 100 yards) and there is immediately a sign for El Fuerte to the right.

064.5 Miles (104.0 Km) -- We turn right for El Fuerte. We are going through the town of Gustavo Diaz Ordaz (el Carrizo) (4 topes).

065.4 Miles (105.5 Km) -- Out of town. The road is 2-lane road with no shoulders. Many sections of this road have patched potholes and some cracks. The road is a rough in places, so you’ll need to keep the speed down. We are driving at about 30 mph.

070.7 Miles (114.0 Km) -- Enter an unsigned town which has multiple topes.

070.9 Miles (114.4 Km) -- Pemex with no number on the left with magna, premium, and diesel. This station was closed.

076.3 Miles (123.1 Km) -- Cross the railroad tracks.

079.5 Miles (128.2 Km) -- Enter the small town of Naranjo (no topes).

082.4 Miles (132.9 Km) -- Enter the small town of Tesila (no topes).

084.2 Miles (135.8 Km) -- Enter the town of La Mision (series of small topes).

084.5 Miles (136.3 Km) -- Out of La Mision.

090.0 Miles (145.2 Km) – Enter the small town of Llano de los Lopez (no topes).

094.6 Miles (152.6 Km) – The town of PJ Ortiz Domingo is to the left on a paved road. We continue straight.

095.5 Miles (154.0 Km) -- Cross the El Fuerte River.

095.6 Miles (154.2 Km) -- Enter Baroten (4 topes). There are blue light poles along the side of the road.

096.4 Miles (155.5 Km) -- End of blue light poles and out of town.

097.7 Miles (157.6 Km) -- Entering the town of El Fuerte.

097.8 Miles (157.7 Km) – Follow the paved road as it turns to the right.

098.4 Miles (158.7 Km) – At the intersection with the Highway 23 to Los Mochis. Pemex #5362 with magna, premium, and diesel is on the east side of this intersection. This will be the starting point of the following day’s log.


See out book Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping for El Fuerte camping possibilities

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