2008 Mexico West Coast Report

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Each year hundreds of RVers travel down Mexico's west coast to destinatios including Kino Bay, Las Glorias, Mazatlán, Teacapan, Puerto Vallarta and points south. We're headed that way ourselves, we'll travel as far south as Teacapan befoe heading inland for Christmas. Here are some observations about the things we noted along the way including road conditions and campground conditions after the summer storm season.

We're writing logs of our routes this year. There are even maps. Take a look.

We're also taking some bird pictures, take a look.

Posted 12/27/08 - Las Glorias to Teacapán

From Las Glorias we drove south with an overnight south of Culican. We had heard that the free road between Culican and Mazatlan was under construciton and we found that the northern portion is being four-laned. The road work didn't slow us down at all and we stopped for the night in Celestino Gasca.

There are now three campgrounds in Celestino Gasca. We found the northernmost campground almost full, the southernmost campground half full, and the new one in the middle (about 45 big sites) with only one rig in residence. It's amazing how much this destination has expanded in the last four years - now there are these three good campgrounds with excellent facilities, before there were none.

After a few days in Celestino Gasca we drove back out to the free road and continued south to Mazatlán. Last year camping here was extremely crowded because two big campgrounds had closed. That shouldn't be the case this year as Las Jaibas has greatly expanded and increased their site size. Spaces are also available at the new Punta Cerritos RV Park. Down on Stone Island the Tres Amigos has expanded too with more than twice as many sites available.

After Mazatlán we drove south and out to the coast at Teacapán. Things there were mostly unchanged escept that the Villas Onac is much bigger. Now they have 62 full-hookup sites, 33 of them are waterfront sites.

From Teacapán we headed inland for Christmas. We'll be back on the coast in the middle of January.

See below for pictures of the trip. For more information about RV destinations, things to do, and campgrounds throughout Mexico see our book Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping.


Getting Ready for RVs

Preparing topes for southbound traffic.

Punta San Miguel

New campground in Celestino Gasca


Punta San Miguel
Celestino Gasca Beach

Beach at Celestino Gasca

Now there are three good campgrounds here.

Camper Relaxing in Mazatlán

Iguana Relaxing in Mazatlán
New Sites on Stone Island
Stone Island
Finding out what's new in Teacapán.
Lots of new sites at Onac RV Park in Teacapán.
Sites at Onac RV

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