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Each year hundreds of RVers travel down Mexico's west coast to destinatios including Kino Bay, Las Glorias, Mazatlán, Teacapan, Puerto Vallarta and points south. We're headed that way ourselves, we'll travel as far south as Teacapan befoe heading inland for Christmas. Here are some observations about the things we noted along the way including road conditions and campground conditions after the summer storm season.

We're writing logs of our routes this year. There are even maps. Take a look.

We're also taking some bird pictures, take a look.

Posted 12/11/08 - Nogales to Las Glorias

We crossed at Nogales. Using the bypass route we found little traffice southbound. It was the day after Thanksgiving in the US, definitely not a big travel day for southbound RVers. With all of the reporting about drug-related border violence along the US-Mexico border there's been a lot of concern about the safety of traveling through the area. No sign of any of that as we passed through.

We spent the night not far south of the border in Santa Ana. The campgrounds in the area were all open and accepting travelers.

Driving out to Kino Bay we followed a good route around the north and west sides of Hermosillo. We've mapped the route, take a look at the logs. The road out to Kino was in excellent shape. At the entrance to Old Kino we found some road construction in progress but the bypass detours were fine and would present no problems for RVs. In Kino Bay itself things were pretty much like usual for this time of year with most campgrounds sparsely populated but expecting many more RVers once the holidays are over.

Before heading south we traveled back to Hermosillo and logged and mapped the southeast bypass route. There's a log and map in our logs section. The campgrounds in San Carlos and Guaymas were in good shape.

After Guaymas we traveled on to Alamos. We bypassed the toll booth north of Ciudad Obregon and also the one north of Navajoa. We've logeed and mapped both but only recommend the one north of Ciudad Obregon. The one north of Navajoa was long and only suitable for smaller RVs because we found the road blocked by heavy equipment. A larger rig than ours couldn't have passed.

Alamos had some damage from heavy rainfall in the fall and quite a bit of work was underway. The newly improved road out was excellent with wide shoulders, a welcome change. There were two short (100 feet) sections of dirt as well as an easily traveled detour around some bridge work near the town. The campgrounds in Alamos were all operationg with campers in them, only the Dolisa had some damage, and it wasn't affecting their operations.

On to Huatabampito the next day and found ten new full-hookup sites under construction along the water. A new rock wall has been constructed since our last visit and Enrique reports it held up very well this summer. The new sites should be ready for occupancy within a week and there were already a few rigs waiting to move in.

We made a quick stop in Los Mochis and found the campground there open and looking pretty good. Then on to El Fuerte where we found the RV Park El Fuerte not yet open. The second campground in town was open though, and that's where we overnighted.

As always, we headed out to Las Glorias and the Mr Moro for some R and R after our time on the road. Many people make it to Las Glorias after only two days on the road - not us. The Mr Moro was looking as good as we've ever seen it. There is a new dedicated bathroom building with hot showers and also lots of new landscaping. There was the normal complement of RVs parked near the water - most trying to decide if they really wanted to head farther south. Many were putting off the decision until mañana. That's what we did.


See below for pictures of the trip. For more information about RV destinations, things to do, and campgrounds throughout Mexico see our book Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping.


Short Lines at the Banjercito

The advantages of traveling the day after Thanksgiving.

A New Hologram

and 180 days to travel Mexico!

Dolisa Repairs

Dolisa Repairs

The Dolisa in Alamos lost a wall during heavy fall rains but construction of a new one is underway .

El Mirador in Huatabampito

El Mirador in Huatabampito
El Mirador's New Beach Wall
New Beach Wall At The El Mirador
10 New Beach Sites Nearing Completion
El Mirador Beach Sites
Las Glorias Fisherman
Fisherman on the Beach in Las Glorias
American Oystercatchers in front of Mr Moro Hotel and Beach Resort
American Oystercatchers
Mr Moro RV Park
The Mr Moro Is Looking Good

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